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The Beach Life

By Bernadeta Kaszyca
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When we think about the beach, we visualize summer. Sand slipping between our toes, the sun hitting our faces and warming our skinthe sounof waves swaying and birds singing, music playing around us; the beauty of summer is in its richest form at the beach. It is where everyone comes together to escape daily routines by enjoying the hot weather, relaxing atmosphere and good company. In some countries, beaches are what they are all about. In other places, beaches are nowhere to be found. Luckily, here in Montreal, we have a couple of beaches. Granted, they do not compare to the Meditarrenean ones, but they do provide us with what is important: water, sun and sand. If you are looking for a beach in Montreal, the most popular ones are Plage Sablon and Oka Beach. You don't know where to go? Keep reading and it will no doubt help you make your decision.

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By Catherine Ziten
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In the 20th century, people living in the province of Quebec underwent a shift in their opinion of marriage as a step into adulthood; in turn, previous religious motivations for matrimony were cast aside and the act of marriage was viewed as an unnecessary inconvenience in a declining religious society. Consequently, the way forward for most Quebecers was a life of "coupledom" without fear of repercussion for lack of a sanctified union.

Interestingly, the shift against marriage in Quebec has not completely terminated weddings or the act of marriage altogether. In fact, a huge wedding industry thrives in the city of Montreal, which caters to couples who do choose marriage as their united path forward. While couples avoid marriage for many reasons; from the cost of a wedding to the reality that love and happiness are not permanent in any relationship, the act of marriage itself defines the growth of an individual and a relationship and pays tribute to traditional family values, while at the same time, offers additional protection (in the eyes of the law) to couples who have officially married.

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