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In and around Montreal there are numerous go-karting faculties. There is SRA karting international, Go Kart Double G, Karting Doudou, Action 500, and Kart-O-Mania.The first four go-karting facilities mentioned are only open during the summer season, as they are outdoor facilities. As a result, this comparative analysis will focus on analyzing Action 500 and Kart-O-Mania as they are indoor facilities that are open all year around. Being open all year around automatically qualifies them to be 'better' than the outdoor facilities in that they are accessible during the winter. When I say 'better', I intend one to understand better for their publics. Hence, I will begin with a description of Action 500 and will follow with an account of Kart-O-Mania. I will than compare certain aspects of each go-karting facility, namely available go-karts, participation costs, and track safety, to determine which facility is 'better' for their public, and in which manner. 

Action 500: An Indoor Go-Kart Facility
images 23456.jpg Action 500 Karting and Paintball is an indoor go-kart racing facility found in Montreal. It is located on the corner of Boulevard de L'Assomption and Rue Hochelaga, at 5592 Hochelaga. One can get to Action 500 from the L'Assomption metro station. L' Assomption metro station is on the green line near Honore-Beaugrand, and Action 500 can be found by simply walk three blocks south from the station. Action 500 is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with some exceptions. ("Business Hours.")

The Karts distinguishes between adult and child karts. The distinction is drawn by the height of the individual, not age; moreover, parental authorization is not required to go karting. The adult go-karts have a single seat and a 9 horsepower, 270cc engine that allows them to reach speeds in excess of 70km/h. Only individuals over five feet tall are permitted to conduct these go-karts. In addition to the adult go-karts, Action 500 has two types of junior go- karts. The first type of junior kart is a single-seated kart that is less powerful than the adult karts. This type of kart has a 6.5hp, 200cc engine. Children between three feet, five inches and five feet are permitted to drive these karts. The second type is the double-seated junior kart. These karts are for children below three feet, five inches. An adult who will drive the kart must accompany such children; in this case, only the adult is charged for a race. The engines on these karts are even less powerful than the type one junior karts. After 18:00 on Fridays and between the hours of 11:00 and 00:00 on Saturdays, reservations are required for double karts as they are not permitted to be on the course at the same time as adult karts. This is because of the difference in performance between the double and adult karts. However, to allow parents to race with their children, the junior karts are large enough for adults to conduct them. In all karts, seatbelts are standard, and helmets are both provided and required; furthermore, sandals will not be tolerated. ("Frequently Asked Questions.")


Cost Per Race Charges a customer by the race and each race is approximately ten minutes long; additionally, the taxes are included in the provided prices. has prices for normal hours, rush hours, and specials. Between Sunday at 22:00 and Friday at 17:00 one race for adults costs 22.99$; two races costs 41.99$; three races, 49.99$; Five races, 69.99$; and ten races costs 124.99$. If ten races are purchased, and only if ten are purchased, the purchaser can race the ten races on numerous visits. Between what ">Action 500 defines as rush hours, between Friday at 18:00 and Sunday at 21:00, racing princes increase. One race then costs 25.99$; two races, 46.99$; and three races, 66.99$. Action 500 additionally provides a special that allows one to drive all they wish between the hours of 23:00 and 17:00 from Sunday through Thursday for only 75$. Group rates are applicable for groups of 10+ people. And Gift certificates are available as well. ("Rates."; "Business Hours.")


Track Specialties


Action 500 claims their track is the safest indoor track where children are concerned because of their wide, asphalt track. They claim that concrete tracks are slippery. They posit that narrow tracks make karting dangerous by increasing the probability that karts will collide when trying to pass each other. And for these reasons they claim that their track is the safest for children. The track at Action 500 is neither made of concrete nor is it narrow. It is constructed of asphalt and is comparatively wider than the average track. The asphalt provides go-karts with more traction while the wider track facilitates passing, which additionally reduces the likelihood of collision. In over 1,000,000 million races they have not had a serious injury.  ("Frequently Asked Questions.")

14712719aa_i.jpg For more information on Action 500 go to: http://www.action500.com/karting/en/?gclid=CJe0nJDz7qQCFeh25QodFzKd2g or call: (514) 254 - 4244

Kart-O-Mania: Action 500's Competition 


Kart-O-Mania is another indoor go-kart racing facility in Montreal. It is located at 5196 De La Savane, cross street Mountain Sights. It is just east of De La Savane metro station, simply walk east (away from the over pass) and it will be in view on your right shortly. De La Savane is on the orange metro line towards Montmorency. Kart-O-Mania is open from 12:00 - 23:00 on Monday through Thursday; 12:00 - 00:00 on Friday; and 10:00 - 00:00 on Weekends. (Kart-O-Mania)

The Karts

Kart-O-Mania has approximately 50 karts available for use that are capable of accommodating the whole family. At Kart-O-Mania, go-kart drivers must sign a waiver before driving a go-kart. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian older than 18 who must sign a waiver for the child, if the child is to conduct a go-kart; additionally, children 16 years or older must provide a piece of identification to participate. Kart-O-Mania divides their karts into four categories. Adult go-karts are available for persons that are over sixteen years of age and who provide identification. They utilize a Honda engine that has 6.5 horsepower and 200cc, and can propel the kart up to 60km/h. Intermediate go-karts are provides for children between the ages of 12-15, while junior go-karts are provides for children 8-12 years of age. The speed and break systems of these lesser karts are monitored and restricted according to their classes, which allows children above 8 to enjoy racing a go-kart by themselves. Children that do not meet the age requirement or height requirement, below 8 years of age or four feet, five inches, can only ride in a double kart that is conducted by an accompanying adult. Some karts have enlarged seats, while all karts have adjustable seats and a seat belt. Safety equipment, such as a helmets and a balaclava, which is a head and neck covering, is provided to go-karters at no extra cost. Racing suits, neck guards, and gloves are available on request. While closed toe shoes and long pants are necessary, long sleeve shirts are preferred. ("Rental Karts."; "Secure Junior Kart"; "Kart-O-Mania Saftey.")


Cost Per Race

Kart-O-Mania has both member and non-member rates. Ten minutes cost 15.95$ for members and 19.50$ for non-members; 15 min costs 22.15$ and 26.58$, for members and non-members respectively; 30 min costs 38.99$ and 43.98$, respectively; 45 min, 53.15$ and 57.58$; finally, 60 min costs 66.45$ and 70.88$ for members and non-members. Both junior karts have the same cost as the membership adult karts while the double karts have the same cost as the non-membership adult karts. In this case, the taxes are not included. A lifetime membership can be purchased for 17.72$.It is only worth its price, however, if it is more than five times. A membership provides the member with special options. Each Monday and Tuesday members can drive all they wish for 75$. And on Thursday night's female members pay half price. ("Karting Rates at Montreal.")


Track Specialties


The track at Kart-O-Mania has two special features. It is lined with tires and has a guardrails that is flexible and impact resistant so as to be able to safely absorb collisions, which greatly reduces the chances of injury in case of an accident. The track is additionally coated with a grip/slip surface, which makes driving more difficult and simulates a higher speed. ("The Greatest Indoor Karting Track in Montreal.")


The Karts Compared  


The non-member prices applied by Kart-O-Mania­­ will be compared to the standard rates at Action 500 because the comparison will be unrepresentative if the base cost of the membership is included in a onetime visit. Whereas Kart-O-Mania­­ primarily charges by fifteen-minute segments, Action 500 charges by the race, which is considered to be ten minutes. Action 500 charges 22.99$ for a ten minute race while Kart-O-Mania­­ charges 22.43$ for a ten minute option; moreover, while five races, or fifty minutes, on the course of Action 500 is priced at 69.99$, sixty minutes on the track at Kart-O-Mania­­ costs 81.51$ without a membership. That is to say, at Kart-O-Mania­­, one can drive for ten minutes more for only 11.52$, which is half the price of a race at Action 500 and the whole time of the race. At Action 500 sixty minutes is presumed to cost 92.98$. If a membership is purchased at 20.38$, including taxes, from Kart-O-Mania, sixty minutes costs 96.80$ with the membership. Hence, the prices at Kart-O-Mania­­ for non-members, and for both one race and many, are comparatively better than price at Action 500, and the membership of go-karting at Kart-O-Mania only become worthwhile after six races

The Tracks


Although the prices at Kart-O-Mania­­ better the prices at Action 500, the track at Action 500 is safer than the course at Kart-O-Mania. Both Kart-O-Mania and Action 500 have tire walled tracks. Kart-O-Mania, however, has a track that is coated with a substance that decreases traction. This substance enhances the experience by simulating a higher speed. That is to say the special coating makes driving more difficult. On the other hand, Action 500 has a track that is wider than most and is made of asphalt. The wider track provides more space for passing, which reduces the likelihood of colliding into another kart when trying to get ahead.  Action 500 's asphalt track, when compared with coated surface of Kart-O-Mania­­, provides much more traction. Hence, although Kart-O-Mania has lower prices, Action 500 has a safer track because their track provides more traction.




After the comparative analysis, it has been found that Kart-O-Mania has higher participations standards and better rental rates than Action 500. Kart-O-Mania has a lower non-member cost than Action 500 at one and five races; moreover, the membership Kart-O-Mania offers becomes worth its cost after a minimum of six races. That is to say, Kart-O-Mania is the economically preferred facility. Action 500, however, has faster adult go-karts and a safer track. The track is safer because of its composition. Action 500 has a comparatively wider asphalt track, while Kart-O-Mania has a track that is coated with a substance that simulates higher speeds. The coating on the track at Kart-O-Mania, nevertheless, may make driving it more fun for experienced drivers. Hence, Action 500 has a safer track, faster karts, and fewer participation requirements, while Kart-O-Mania has lower prices, more participation regulation, and a course that will test the ability of the experienced driver. This suggests that Action 500 is more appropriate for inexperienced drives, while Kart-O-Mania is better suited for experienced drivers; however, this claim can be disputed because Action 500 has comparatively faster karts.



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