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I am not special, but luckily, neither are you.

I had heard of "life changing experiences," "epiphany" and "the moment I knew everything would be different," but I had always questioned if I would ever know when these realizations would occur in my life. I got my answer when I realized that I was not special. It sounds self-loathing and pessimistic but it is in fact the exact opposite. The realization occurred, not instantaneously one morning, but after key events leading up to my final year of university. Firstly, four years ago, I was applying for university programs and researching the number of admitted applicants each year, and discovered that the numbers were surprisingly low. Secondly, job searching and waiting in rooms full of fidgeting applicants like me opened my eyes to others in my exact situation. Lastly, researching graduate schools and job markets led me to understand that competition for positions would continue. Whether I succeeded or failed with any of these opportunities was not the trigger in my epiphany, it was realizing that there are so many people in my same situation. Others set similar goals and go after them with the same vigour which inevitably causes others and I to compete for the same scholarships, job positions and university program spots. I am not special, not in a "I am worthless and useless" way, but in a "I am not a superhero with extraordinary powers that makes exponentially better than mortal humans" way. This pushes me to work harder in order acquire skills and experience that will increase my appeal to employers and universities. If I were to acquire a job position over another person it does not mean I am better than them, it only means I am either better suited for the job or have smartly packaged my skills and experience in order to better please the employer. This is a life changing idea for me because it tears down any notions that I am inherently better at writing, speaking or any of my skills than others which in turn, allows me to constantly improve myself. I am not special, we are all equal; I do not possess anything that will automatically beat out my competition, I need to push and work to succeed. Perhaps, as of now, my greatest advantage is realising this, unfortunately though, by sharing my epiphany, we are right back to the same playing field level again.

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