Montreal Summer Festivals- Chelsea Berne

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Montreal is a city of festivals during the summer where there is almost a different festival happening every week for a range of different crowds to enjoy. This resource guide will help the people of Montreal and visitors have the information they need concerning Montreal's best and most undiscovered festivities. Many tourists visit this wonderful city every year, and sometimes they have no idea what festivities are going on around them.

Montreal is a bright city with so much to offer to its people and the festivals are no different. These festivals pride themselves in attracting thousands of people to experience the fun. With the help of our guide, people will get the inside scoop on what's happening around them, so that their boring night at home turns into an unforgettable outing. This guide will also list the top five most popular festivals you surely don't want to miss if you're in the area.

The Best Sites for Researching Montreal Festivals:

Top 5 Festivals You Don't Want to Miss:

  1. International Jazz Festival
  2. Just For Laughs
  3. Osheaga
  4. Festival Mode et Design
  5. International Fireworks Festival

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