• Commented on The Beaux Arts- What art form most interests you?
    I have two favorite types of arts; the first one is paintings, as in visual arts, but even more precisely oil and acrylic paintings. I’ve always loved the gorgeous representations and how the light and the colors could sometimes seem...
  • Commented on Parking in Montreal, Pain or Pleasure?
    Parking in Montreal is one of the worse things about the city. First of all, the price is extremely high. Let’s take the price of the parking meter that are situated around Concordia; you have to pay 6$ for two...
  • Commented on What is the role of alcohol in your life?
    I am not a big alcohol fan, mostly because I don’t enjoy the taste of wine and beer. I admit though that a nice little juice based cocktail is always nice, especially in the summer. One thing that I don’t...
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