What is the role of alcohol in your life?

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What is the role of alcohol in your life? What is your favorite drink? How often do you drink? Most of us enjoy the occasional (or more frequent) drink. How would you describe your perception of alcohol? Is there a way to properly drink? Social codes? Best places to go? Do you have habits regarding alcohol? Thoughts.

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  • I think social codes and appropriate ways of drinking depend upon context. People expect, and are only willing to put up with, specific behaviours from people who drink depending on where they are. If you're in a bar you're less likely to berate the girl dancing on the bar than if you were at, say, a formal cocktail. It also depends on the comfort level that exists between the people there. A christmas party for a work place of only 15 employees could comfortably get more rowdy than one for 300 employees.

  • Drunk people are a strange and horrifying thing. Though, I'm not talking about the nice friendly buzzed friends who clap you on the back and laugh uncomfortably hard, or the good ol' drunk uncles who want to take you for a boat ride (drunkles, I call them). No, I'm talking about those screaming, bawling, leaking-from-every-orifice monstrosities that you don't know whether to kick out or drive to the hospital. And in every situation where alcohol is served, this total loss of basic civil behavior is always a possibility. The proof is right in front of us- when was the last time your buddy pissed his pants and broke a window with a canoe paddle at one of your grandma's tea parties? When it comes down to it, serving alcohol may not guarantee this behavior, but it opens up the possibility. The question is, when you're having a wedding or a party or what-have-you, whether the benefits of having everyone socially lubed up by this social lubricant outweighs the possibility (just a possibility...) for a wailing, puking nightmare.

  • I think many people use alcohol as an excuse to act differently. Alcohol generally reduces inhibitions. People sometimes drink to become less shy, hop on the dance floor or approach an interesting (and somewhat intimidating) person. What's more, many people drink belligerently in order to seek attention or justify their actions. For example, a girl could insult her friend and claim that she said that comment because she was drunk and then say she did not mean it.
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  • I personally only drink alcohol during events. I don't judge people who drink regularly, but they should also realise that they have a responsibility towards society, for example not to drive while drunk because their actions have consequences on other peoples' lives. Also when I am around people who are really drunk, it is unpleasant and it sometimes makes me feel unsafe.

  • Even though alcohol use continues to rise, particularly in the youth, I think the public is increasingly aware of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse. In a world where every single one of our acts can be recorded on Facebook, it seems like there might be better ways to lose your inhibitions at the office party than to get drunk.

  • The question of whether or not one can drink properly is an interesting one, though, as previously mentioned for social codes, I think it depends largely on context. If you go out clubbing with a bunch of friends for your 18th birthday, the expectation is that you will get sufficiently drunk to have a hangover the next morning, which you will then boast about with pride. Conversely, if you go out to dinner with family in a fancy restaurant then you have your wine or what have you with your meal, but not enough to make an alcohol induced scene. For my part, I enjoy mixing cocktails for the pleasure of trying drinks in new flavour combinations that are otherwise impossible with just juice and soft drinks. The hangover factor just doesn't appeal to me, but for some the buzz is apparently worth it.

  • As with any pleasure in life, the key is moderation. Although,it may be difficult to practice at times. I enjoy a glass (or two or three) of wine with my meals on the weekends. Indulging now and again is human. However, if you are going to drink, be responsable. Do not drive. Take a taxi or carpool with a ''juice-drinking'' buddy. Now, lets talk buzz.... yes, for somepeople the buzz is definately worth it. The intoxicated state affords some the ability to behave in ways that would not have been possible without alcohol. They will be more inclined to say and do things that they normally would not... Personally, I want to remember my night out.

  • I am not a big alcohol fan, mostly because I don’t enjoy the taste of wine and beer. I admit though that a nice little juice based cocktail is always nice, especially in the summer. One thing that I don’t understand is how people can have a drink in the morning, and absorb alcohol like sponges. Just last week I was meeting a customer in my office to open him a bank account. The man came in at eleven sharp smelling like alcohol so strongly that my whole office reeked like a bar. The smell even lingered in my office after the customer had left it. I was sitting there, feeling nauseous, and wondering, ‘why oh why, does alcohol has such an effect on people?’ It’s a sad thing, because this man was probably a nice fellow, but given his smell, I couldn’t help but feel that he might become a problematic customer in the future. I felt bad for judging him based on that, but I know from experience that customers who have been drinking might become aggressive quite easily if they are not pleased with something. All this to say, I sometimes indulge in a drink or two, and it can be quite nice, but drinking responsibly should be everyone’s business.

  • I've been drinking on occasions with my friends and family since I was 16. 5 years later, I still have the same perception of alcohol. It is important and essential in my life to drink!

    I drink alcohol 2-3 times a week. International beers such as Hoegaerden, Sapporo, Leffe and Stella Artois are my favorites. I also like drinks like rhum and coke, jack seven-up, Irish car bomb (mix of Guiness beer and irish cream) and cranberry-vodka.

    Alcohol is a depressant and its effects are multiplied when taken with friends or a group of people. For example, I enjoy drinking a few beers with friends while watching a hockey or basketball game. The beer is part of the entertainment because of all the emotions (adrenaline,joy, thrill, suspense) involved during a sports game.

    I think young adults need those weekly alcohol moments to relax, discuss with others and unwind. Alcohol affects your brain and makes you feel better, even more confident sometimes. In fact, the number 1 rule is to always know your limits, because alcohol can get very very harmful if you overindulge. We all experimented at least one hangover in our lifetime and it is no fun at all...

    In Montreal, for a huge selection of good beers you definitely have to try Les 3 Brasseurs, McKibbins Pub, Benelux and Saint-Bock. Great brews, good prices and lots of fun !

  • Alcohol doesn't have a big role in my life. I think alcohol is appropriate only on special occasions; it shouldn't become a regular consumption. However, my view of wine is a little bit different. Since studies have demonstrated that red wine have good impact on health, I don't mind if people have a cup of it more often than of any other kind of alcohol, as long as it is not abusive.

    My family owns a little convenience store, and I have seen, since I was young, a lot of people abusing alcohol. Some customers would come 3 times a day to buy beers. I've seen many citizens on welfare spend their money on alcohol, tobacco and lottery, and I think that's really sad. Not only do they waste their lives and money, they make it a waste of other people's effort to make that service available to them. But I won't debate further on this matter.

    Personally, I have never really drank any alcohol before being in a relationship. And it is not because my boyfriend is an alcoholic; it is rather because of all the family celebrations that come with it. But it didn't take long before I noticed that I was actually intolerant to alcohol. A small cup of champagne would get me all red and make me itch everywhere. Thus, I will never really drink any alcohol besides a sip or two on special occasions.

  • Alcohol is a social tool for me, its something I have when I’m in different social situations. Which situation though determines how and what I have. If I’m at a Gala or important dinner with my family or friends, then I’ll stick to wine or a classier drink like a G&T.; When I’m out with my boys, I’ll keep to beer, a decent amount of it to. Nothing beats kicking back with the boys in the summer, throwing back brews on the dock up at the cotty. But when I’m out to party, then its every man for themselves. I’ll have shots, beer, or mixed. It all depends on where I am and what the occasion is. Alcohol can act as an icebreaker, a social mixer, just something to do, or all of the above.

  • Wew. Many here are mistaking drinking with getting drunk.

    Alcohol is just another item for consumption in my life. If it is available I drink it to enjoy it no matter what situation I am in. Other than the obligatory matches to some foods (say: beer-bbq, chicken-ww, beef-rw) I drink whenever I can as long as I can enjoy what I am drinking. A beer or two during a concert = cool. Vodka and dancing = cool. A bottle of XYZ on my own after valentine's = not cool.

    Summers are incredibly dangerous. It would seem that both the heat and humidity whisper "beer, beeeeer!" to one at all times.

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