• Commented on Volunteering
    I began volunteering at 12 years old, because I was obliged to. I was in the International Baccalaureate program in High School, and we were required to volunteer about a dozen of hours every year. But truthfully, it didn't take...
  • Commented on What is the role of alcohol in your life?
    Alcohol doesn't have a big role in my life. I think alcohol is appropriate only on special occasions; it shouldn't become a regular consumption. However, my view of wine is a little bit different. Since studies have demonstrated that red...
  • Commented on Parking in Montreal, Pain or Pleasure?
    Parking in Montreal is definitely the worst pain anyone can ever go through. I've been living in Montreal for about six months with my boyfriend, but we've had paid over $300 on parking tickets. First of all, it is so...
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