With Valentine's Day right around the corner I've been thinking a lot about the dating game. I know most of you are pobably thinking "I hate Valentine's Day! No one ever asks me out!" Well don't run off in huff just yet because I've created the following how-to in order to help all you ladies who have shyed away from that mysterious classmate sitting across the aisle of your economics lecture or the gorgeous hunk you've been eyeing near the coffee machine at work.

Small-scale sustainable habits can pave the way to large-scale sustainable living. Individuals are often overwhelmed by the idea of going green, but the transition is not as hard as it seems. Little actions taking place in our daily lives can have a great impact when considered by large audiences. Interested in using your money more sustainably? This list will give you a quick overview of elements to consider to use your money in an efficient budget-friendly and eco-friendly manner.


The first year after settling into a new country is the hardest in terms of adaptation, as the immigrant is caught between two worlds. At the same time as having to deal with new situations and make a new life from day to day, one tends to idealize all that's left behind, regret familiar comforts and miss loved ones back there. While time is the great healer, and integration will help ease the cultural shock, here are some basic steps meant to guide newcomers through the nostalgia and inevitable false starts of their first few months in Montreal.

It goes without saying that learning a foreign language, like practically any other cognitive experience, falls into two categories: obtaining the necessary theoretical knowledge and putting all the acquired material into practice, ideally, combining the two all along. While most mentally healthy people may have no or little difficulty mastering the first part, they may find the second one a trifle trickier - especially if they are not surrounded by the language as they are learning it. Furthermore, practising a language may be quite a stumbling block even if you are surrounded by native speakers. That is the case if you spend most of your time within your family or a close circle of friends, who all belong to the same ethinicity as yourself, and spend far less time among representatives of the country you have come to. As a result, you may feel uncomfortable and lacking self-confidence when you have to speak in the presence of native speakers, albeit your theoretical linguistic knowledge and lexical arsenal are second to none.

Also, it is important to note that what you learn in theory might well at least slightly differ from the way native speakers express themselves in reality. Accent, word choice, and other minor nuance-related language peculiarities inherent in the speech of natives of the region you have come to may turn out to be different to the ones you have come across earlier. The linguistic adjustment can thus be quite puzzling.

(Image courtesy of https://mangolanguages-com-wp-content.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/24570981.jpg)

If you live in Montreal and don't speak French, you've probably wanted to pick it up sometime but for whatever reason, never did. Whether it's for professional or social reasons, knowing French in Montreal can go a long way, and learning it doesn't have to be as hard as it's made out to be. This 10-step instruction guide outlines the basic habits and tasks that are essential to learning French (or any language for that matter), which applies across the board to individuals of any learning style or level of language proficiency.

How to Book a Show in Montreal - Montréalités Culture

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nokoshow.jpgThe Poster for the upcoming Noko / STLWCO / Citadels show at Le Cagibi on January 30th. (Photo: Facebook)

Montreal is home to a very lively music scene, with local bands of every genre playing almost every night at different venues. The process of booking a show in Montreal can vary greatly depending on the type of show, type of band, or the type of venue you're looking for. Sometimes it's as easy as telling your friend that your three-piece rock band will open for his experimental post-jazz duo in his girlfriend's loft space, and sometimes it's a hellishly long process of time management and neverending emails, but following these steps will have you playing your own shows before you know it!


If you've ever ventured out on December 26, you've probably seen lines of eager shoppers, coffee in hand, eyeing the double doors of the store with a kind of militant zeal. The frenzy as the opening hour strikes and customers head briskly toward aisles laden with discounted merchandise. The occasional pushing and shoving as everyone evaluates the number of boxes on the shelf and the number of hands reaching for them.

It's an unfortunate reality for some, but an irresistible opportunity for others. Video game stores in particular are always full of avid customers looking for great deals on entertainment products. Consoles, headsets, controllers, and even recently released games have their prices slashed on Boxing Day, and everyone wants in. If you're new to the gaming world, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of products on display. Here are some helpful tips to make your shopping more effective next holiday season:


Thank you for your interest in theater and supporting your local talents. Your attendance proves that you are a well-cultured individual with a passion for the arts. Bear in mind that there are certain rules of conduct that everyone must be made aware of in order to have a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Remember that you're about to view someone's hard work and dedication come to life, it is important to show respect and courtesy.

Whether you're new to the theater scene or an active theatregoer, it's important that you take the time to read the following tips and regulations. Enjoy the show and we look forward to seeing you at our next venue.

*by a new anglophone in Quebec


So you've decided to leave English Canada and settle down in Quebec. Congratulations! Quebec is a province of diverse food, people, and culture. You know you'll love it here, but there's a snag: you don't speak French (yet). Unfortunately, it'll take a while for you to get a hang of the language. All those things that can go wrong in your new apartment might not wait for you to know how to string more than three words together. At some point, you'll probably have to jump that language barrier and communicate with your francophone maintenance worker.

Not to worry! Here is a handy guide for you to pull this off without a hitch:

How to take care of your Comic Books - Montréalités Comics

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So you've gone out and bought yourself a classic comic or two over the years, or maybe you've picked up an expensive variant cover issue here and there; that's the easy part, but now what do you do with them? You don't want to leave them laying around - they'll get ruined! That comic isn't a coaster! Get that beer off of it!

If you're like me, you'll find yourself meticulously sleeving and shelving each and every comic you buy. If you aren't like me, this guide will help make sure you protect any comic you consider worth keeping, as well as helping you set up a way to display parts of your collection to the world.

(This task will take roughly 1 minute per comic book.)

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CARTOON-SNOW-SHOVEL-BOY-122710.jpg(Photo Property of AB Couponers)

Ah, snow! If you're a Montrealer you either hate it or embrace it, but one thing's for sure: you have to deal with it. Unless you're Pitbull or Oprah, you've likely had to shovel snow, whether the process involved clearing your entire home's walkway or simply digging your car free with a tri-fold trunk shovel. No matter the severity or frequency of your shoveling, proper form is imperative to avoiding injury. According to WebMD, "The task sends on average more than 11,000 adults and children to the hospital every year", which gives reason for the following illustrative how-to guide.

While snow and ice can create hazardous situations for everyone, seniors and people with disabilities are more susceptible to injury when performing the task. However, shovelling is not the only means of clearing a walkway; due to their ice melting properties, salting and sanding your property can also help reduce the potential for slip-and-fall incidents, which can cause serious injuries.

Safe snow shovelling requires not only the right tools, but equally proper preparation, good technique and knowledge. The following is a guide illustrating how to safely shovel snow to avoid injury.

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By Laurie Dujardin

I have been inspired by the award-winning movie/documentary ALIVE INSIDE. The film was made in 2014 by Michael Rossato-Bennett. He follows social worker Dan Cohen, founder of non-profit organization Music & Memory as he demonstrates the power of music to overcome memory loss and restore a sense of self to those suffering from dementia. He wants to offer this service to nursing home residents. Frustratingly, the pharmaceutical corporations do everything they can to prevent this. Of course, THEY want to keep everyone on prescriptions drugs with all their attendant problems. I am really hoping that many others will take up Dan Cohen's fight.

First of all, we know that music bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly to the subconscious, and that it has the power to change or control our mood. I know this from my own experience as Salsa music, played loudly, is guaranteed to lift me out of feelings of sadness or exhaustion to the point where I can't help but dance. Hypnotherapists as well as marketers certainly know the power of music as they enclose subliminal suggestions within music.

Watching the film ALIVE INSIDE brought me the realization that anyone can apply "music therapy" to people suffering from dementia in all its forms. The person may have withdrawn to the point of appearing to be catatonic, or may be angry or aggressive. It may seem that they are trapped in their own private hell which others are unable to penetrate or influence.

The following are the steps which anyone may undertake in order to unlock the feelings of peace and joy as well as happy memories which do lurk below the surface.

  1. Watch the film ALIVE INSIDE on any number of Internet sites, examples of which are Iwannawatch, Kickstarter and Solar Movie. Simply enter the film's name in Google and you will see them all listed. As well, Youtube features many clips from the film.

  2. Research to find out what music the person would most likely enjoy. Talk to their friends or relatives. If not, then you can make an Internet search to find out what the popular hits of the day were in their youth.

  3. Listen to the music chosen in order to be sure that it is upbeat, as you certainly don't want to cause an unhappy experience!

  4. Assemble a list of the chosen musical pieces, at least for the future reference of others who may wish to continue your work.

  5. Source the music from your private collection if you have it, or go online and download it into a device, usually an IPOD.

  6. Make sure the person is seated comfortably and in a peaceful environment.

  7. It's extremely important to have them listen to the music via headphones for a more intense and effective experience.

  8. If you lack an IPOD, perhaps you play a musical instrument such as guitar or piano.

  9. If you are really stuck and it's spur-of-the-moment, just sing some familiar old standard...certainly it's better than nothing!

  10. Of course it's ideal if you can leave the IPOD and headphones with the person so they can listen to it when they like. Hopefully there will be someone who can assist them.

Being Controversial - Montréalités Justice



The idea here is to explain how to create and promote something controversial or viral for social media and news outlets.

People have a tendency to focus on the bad or controversial over the good or normal. Whenever someone introduces something that does not necessarily follow the norm, focus is placed heavily on the actions of that individual. So, when someone says or does something like that, it spreads primarily through social media like wildfire; this is known as being viral. With the amount of social media sites and readily available and easily accessible technology, people can almost begin to see or read said controversy the moment it happens. To illustrate this idea, this set will explain the process and demonstrate an example at the same time.

WARNING: If you do not wish to possibly be ridiculed, insulted, or recieve negative feedback, do not read this article.

Surviving Winter Running in NDG - Montréalités Habitat

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winter runner.jpgRunning is a favourite activity of NDG residents and most do not let mother nature slow them down. With a little bit of planning, the right equipment, and a healthy dose of motivation, you will be on your way to becoming a winter road warrior! These instructions will guide you through what is needed to get started, and are intended to be used as a guideline for winter runners who are new to the sport.

On your Set One, Two, Meghli: A Lebanese Recipe - Montréalités Eats



Hey Montrealers! Do you want to impress some of your Lebanese friends? Do you have a newborn in the family and want to make something special to celebrate? Well, not to worry! Below you will find a simple and delicious meghli recipe that is sure to impress and put a smile on everyone's face.

Meghli is a Lebanese treat for special occasions. Traditionally, this desert is made when there is a newborn and is served to family members and neighbors. Meghli is a recipe often handed down among the women. Of course, in true Lebanese style in the everyone claims that theirs is the best, but I know that there isn't any meghli out there quite like my mom's.

Isn't it Kale-tastic?: A Smoothie Recipe - Montréalités Wellness

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Let's face it, Montrealers, not many of us like eating our vegetables, especially for breakfast. Besides, who even has the time to prepare anything more complicated than buttered toast and a coffee to-go in the morning? Indeed, eating healthy does take more time than making simple toast, but--I promise--your body will thank you for it later. Don't forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet, here we are running out the door with practically nothing sustainable in our stomachs. How are we then supposed to function without a proper source of energy? And worse yet, we risk having everyone around us at school or work hear the growling of our stomachs. Awkward!

My obsession: the kale smoothie. Hold on! Now before you close this window, hear me out. I agree--the media went a little overboard with the talk of kale. And yes, the leafy green's benefits were heavily exaggerated. Somehow, kale has become a fad in the West. Even Beyoncé is rocking a sweatshirt with the word kale on it in a recent music video; however, kale does have its benefits and they shouldn't be overlooked. After all, kale has been cultivated for over 2000 years! It was once the most widely eaten green vegetable until cabbages won the popularity contest in the Middle Ages. Imagine that! So, for those of us who don't like vegetables and have little to no time to prepare a nutritious breakfast, sneaking in kale into smoothies is the perfect way to go about this particular displeasure. Don't worry, it won't even feel like you're eating vegetables with the recipe to come!

by Amanda Marchese


In the modern world of fancy espresso machines and high-tech coffee makers, such as Tassimo and Nespresso, many people overlook of more old-school methods of coffee making. Stovetop espresso is a method of brewing coffee still cherished by many Europeans and Latin Americans, as well as European-Montrealers. Stovetop espresso was the first type of coffee introduced to me by my Italian grandfather, and is still the only way he will make or drink coffee.


You have entered a museum, you are going to see artwork done by one of your favorite artists. You have been waiting for months. Your heart is beating with excitement as you enter the building - but wait - you start to wander. You start to questions yourself, "is this the right place?" You start to sweat and get anxious. You are now uncomfortable, sticky, and hot. You finally get into the right room, but now you are too disgruntled to focus. You zip through the exhibit, you have barely seen anything. You have become too anxious and need to leave. You have lost your chance to successfully enjoy your visit.

DSC_0123 (2).jpgAs a student, living in an apartment away from home, I can say eating healthy is not always a top priority. During my first year of university, most of my money was spent on outings with friends, clothes, coffee, tuition, rent, textbooks, and coffee. Buying and eating healthy food did not come before school. I cannot count the amount of times I chose a package of Kraft Dinner or Ramen noodles over a meal containing actual nutritional value. I picked unhealthy food options because the price of the food was cheap and the cook time was minimal. Eating healthy in-between going to class, procrastinating on assignments, working, or hanging out with friends seemed impossible. There was so much to do and no time to make a healthy and cheap meal decision.

Lorna's Quest - Montréalités Origins

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