You Spin Me Right Round: Review of a Fitness Class


Keeping up your appearance, staying healthy, and reaching your goal are all things that matter today. From extreme diets to workout plans, people will do almost anything to lose 10 pounds in three days! The most important thing anyone can do when wanting to reach a certain goal or maintain a healthy lifestyle is to find something that works for them. Losing weight and staying healthy has three main components for success; although varying between each person, you need to eat healthy, exercise and most importantly, stay committed.

Amongst all the options of exercise, hot yoga, yoga, pilates, boot camp, and crossfit, there is one that still remains behind the scenes; spinning. Spinning is a cardio workout that uses all your muscles and set in a small room aligned with stationary bikes, which have different intervals for the intensity level of your pedaling. Each class is lead by an instructor, who fills the room with loud music and expresses herself through yelling to keep you motivated. How difficult can it be right? Don't be fooled, this is one of the most intense workouts you should try. Normally the class lasts only 30 minutes, but guarantees that you will be leaving there in need of a shower, a massage and something to help you walk. 


Marco Chirclow: Body Builder and Personal Trainer

Staying fit and being healthy is a lifestyle choice. For Marco Chirlow, he knew this would be his choice and his career. Being both a competitive body builder and a personal trainer, I picked at his brain to find out how he manages both:
ES: What do you do for a living?
MC: I'm a personal trainer.
ES: How did you get into body building ?
MC: I was 17 years old, I used to play many different sports in high school. I used to get in trouble in gym class, so my gym teacher made me do a lot of push ups, so I practiced push-ups at the local YMCA. One day, playing basketball at the YMCA I injured my knee and I couldn't run or jump for a while, so I started using weights, loved it and never stopped. 
ES: Did you always enjoy fitness, or was it something you decided to do on the side?
MC: I have always enjoyed fitness so I put a lot of time and effort into it.
ES: What got you started?
MC: I injured my left knee, then decided I wanted abs. That was quit easy to get, just kept on training and one thing led to another and I decided I wanted to try competing. I was not ready for the stage and lost the contest almost dead last. The day after I was more motivated than ever.

Bend and Snap (Figuratively)


There is No "I" in "Team": Karina Naim


The Naim family had one dream; they wanted to build an environment for sport lovers to enjoy the game of soccer, basketball or hockey all year round. Starting up a business that would be the first ever multi-sport complex in Montreal is a huge risk, but together father and daughter were determined to make it work. Although some families are closer together than most, we all hold our families in high regards. Alex and Karina Naim are a father-daughter duo, working together to make a difference in the world of sports. Coming from a Lebanese-Armenian background, the importance of family in their Arabic culture is strongly depicted in their family, which is complete by a strong family bond of two parents and four daughters working together to create this dream.



STAGE KOMBAT: The Real Person Behind the Fake Fighting


photo credit Jamie WeCanseb.jpg

Sebastian Jacek-Cote sits behind the reception desk at Le Gym, casually waving and greeting customers as they enter. Even sitting, it is hard not to notice Seb's athletic 6 foot 3 frame, although today there are very few people around to notice. It is an early Saturday morning close to the holidays, and the almost deserted entrance way makes an ideal place to ask Seb a few questions about his life.  


Crossfit; Just A Fad? Or Totally Rad!


By: Amber Bressi and Emily Hubbard


The latest training style to hit the fitness world is CrossFit, but will it last or is it just a trend?

In the 90's, CrossFit was developed by Greg and Lauren Glassman, in order to optimize overall fitness. It concentrates on developing all areas of fitness to perform a variety of activities. Its main focus is combining a wide range of movements into a timed workout, known as a workout of the day (WOD). A WOD is a series of:

  • Pull-up's
  • Push-up's
  • Squats
  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Weightlifting
  • And other dynamic movements

8 Tips for Looking like a "Pro" at the Gym


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