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Since the tender age of 8 I have been in love with cheese. My adoration for it began at a Christmas supper, after the main course had been served. My father's family had always been strong supporters of apéritifs and cheese before dessert. My brother, cousins, and I would always see them conversing and laughing over a few bottles of wine and a large cheese platter. Many cousins often made funny faces and held their noses when this tray would come out of the kitchen which confused me some because my father, his siblings, and my grand-mother swore by cheese. How could the adults be so passionate about cheese and the kids so revolted? I needed to get to the bottom of this!

Afternoon Tea Fit for Royalty

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10634254_10152311395150423_298325594_n.jpgFinger sandwiches, scones, and bite size desserts oh my! Afternoon tea is not just for the elite anymore. Everyone can enjoy the delectable finger foods and flavourful teas while gossiping with friends. There are a handful of places in Montreal that serve afternoon tea, as well as thousands of places in the U.K. I have had the opportunity to experience afternoon tea from both these areas.

My friend and I planned a trip to Scotland and were curious if Montreal's afternoon tea scene was as good as the U.K.'s. Here was our chance to compare the two. We started with a trip to Montreal's Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel and ended two weeks later in Scotland enjoying afternoon tea at the Howard Hotel in Edinburgh.

Roll Up the Rim to Win or Lose?

P1060503.JPGWill I win or will I lose this time around?

The first sign of spring is not the increase in temperature, the disappearance of snow, or the first sight of flowers in bloom. The first sign of spring, for Canadians, is the red, yellow, and blue Tim Hortons' coffee cups and the constant reminder to 'Please play again'. Tim Hortons' Roll Up the Rim to Win contest is the true announcement of spring. A new abundance of prizes and chances to win transfix the minds of customers and mask the slow and brutal last leg of winter. From February to May, the contest becomes an addiction for many; henceforth, it straddles the line between good and bad.

On your Set One, Two, Meghli: A Lebanese Recipe



Hey Montrealers! Do you want to impress some of your Lebanese friends? Do you have a newborn in the family and want to make something special to celebrate? Well, not to worry! Below you will find a simple and delicious meghli recipe that is sure to impress and put a smile on everyone's face.

Meghli is a Lebanese treat for special occasions. Traditionally, this desert is made when there is a newborn and is served to family members and neighbors. Meghli is a recipe often handed down among the women. Of course, in true Lebanese style in the everyone claims that theirs is the best, but I know that there isn't any meghli out there quite like my mom's.

DSC_0123 (2).jpgAs a student, living in an apartment away from home, I can say eating healthy is not always a top priority. During my first year of university, most of my money was spent on outings with friends, clothes, coffee, tuition, rent, textbooks, and coffee. Buying and eating healthy food did not come before school. I cannot count the amount of times I chose a package of Kraft Dinner or Ramen noodles over a meal containing actual nutritional value. I picked unhealthy food options because the price of the food was cheap and the cook time was minimal. Eating healthy in-between going to class, procrastinating on assignments, working, or hanging out with friends seemed impossible. There was so much to do and no time to make a healthy and cheap meal decision.

Who Cares, Just Eyeball It!

DSC_0201.jpgJust Eyeball It! creator Jonathan Cote Lahue. Photo taken by Olivia Robinson.

Having a YouTube channel is not new for Jonathan Cote Lahue, who has been experimenting with his cooking channel Just Eyeball It! for two and a half years now. With the success of the channel and the drive to experiment with other genres Jonathan has started four other YouTube channels that focus on everything from gaming to daily events. Being an official YouTuber comes naturally to Jonathan who is upbeat, lively and excitable. Key aspects that any successful YouTuber needs to have.

Gaining Experience: From Line Cook to Sous-Chef



Slicing tomatoes and onions, mixing ground beef with secret spice combos, hand cutting potatoes into perfect French fry slices, and warming handmade buns to perfection: Working at a high end burger joint requires more than just flipping patties. Burger fabrication is an art that only cooking experience can help you with. For 21 year old Wesley, finding new ways to gain experience is how he got to his sous-chef position at Montreal's Burger Bar.

A Single Cabbage and a Gopher Named Joe




I am an avid gardener and I have been for at least five years now. It is the feel of dirt between my fingers, the hopefulness of having a plant sprout out of the ground, and the pride when that plant blooms which keeps me gardening year after year. Gardening brings with it a sense of determination and an appreciation of nature. I live on a small cattle farm which brings with it its own amount of awe; however, gardening introduced me to a new world filled with insects, birds, and pesky rodents. Insects that I had never seen before found their way in between my tiger lilies and my rosebushes. Caterpillars hung out on milkweed leaves, and humming birds would occasionally reveal their presence by a quick glint of green feathers as they themselves found something to eat.

An Abundance of Bubbly at La Champagnerie



All photos in this post are courtesy of Adam Castonguay Photography

I attended a private event at La Champagnerie on Monday, February 17th as part of the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (read more). For those interested in hosting an event there, I would not recommend having over 150 people as we were 160 and it was completely packed. Both restaurant and bar, La Champagnerie is beautifully located on rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal, literally across the street from Marche Bonsecours. It's a great place to take tourists!

The space itself is very cool. There are two bars and two semi-levels. The main bar is in the centre of the main room and is surrounded by small tables to the side where you can sit in small groups. At the back of the venue, there is a second level with a second bar and large booths that are perfect for getting bottle service with a group of friends. The front end of the restaurant offers little windowed alcoves that are the perfect setting for a romantic date.

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