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Back to the Future

By Philippe Noeltner

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Image source: Flickr Montée de Lait

Slowly ailing from the fog, hovering over the St-Lawrence river, a boat could be seen, at first distant and calm modeling its shape revealing to be imposing and grandiose in all its might, this boat made of woods with sails engulfed with hopeful winds softly calling for a new world and life, was carrying in its storage the culture that would become the proud and unique Quebecois way of life. This boat not only carried a culture but culinary items from the homeland, France. Fast forward this picturesque scene and sit at the Banquise restaurant on the St Laurent Blvd. with a poutine to master and conquer, you will notice that food has definitely a nature of its own in this beautiful province. The French refuse to identify the hybrid Canadian-European varieties, much like a bastard child out of wedlock. Whereas French food has evolved from a sophisticated, rich and refined cuisine that can be considered as snobbish, so heavy with various protocols and etiquette to the point of losing your appetite.

When comparing Quebecois to French food, we should understand that food in this case has two altered meanings for these territories. In the French traditions, cuisine is cherished and affiliated with different regions each carrying its different amounts of sunlight and richness of soil. Properly divided, we can recognize a dish's flavour by its use of herbs, spices and meats. To add, dishes are arranged in a way that would make impressionist painters blush with envy. We can recognize ounces of colors, vibrant contrasts, subtle touches of artistry, conveying the recipient of dish to a magical journey of history and masterful storytelling through the palate. In deep contrast with France's artistry and regional traits, the Quebecois cuisine is more practical.

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By Ariana Haltner
Screen shot 2021-07-04 at 12.40.58 PM.pngThe Experience of a cupcake is the visual delight in the design, the feeling of the icing against your tongue, the sprinkles covering your lips after a big bite, the softness of the cake melting in your mouth; it is the glory of one minute in sweet heaven. In Montreal City, where the culture is diverse and the food must suit all pallets, two cupcake shops stand out as the best. Cocoa Locale and Les Glaceurs each strive to be the best, but each has something different to offer cupcake fanatics and casual eaters. A perfect cupcake shop is based on the quality of three factors: the location, the shop interior, and the cupcakes. A perfect cupcake is based on two factors: the icing design and the cake base. The cupcake shops, Les Glaceurs and Cocoa Locale each fulfill these five important factors in unique and varying ways.

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