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Poutine and Politics



William a.k.a. "Billy" Gogas, co-owner of Lafayette Hot Dog
1870 St-Catherine East, Montreal (514) 522-5028


William a.k.a. "Billy" Gogas is a trilingual Greco-Canadian from Shawinigan with a degree in Political Science and a shrewd business sense who dishes out some of the best poutine smoked meat in Montreal. Sounds unlikely? We're just getting warmed up.

Red Vinly and Grey Linoleum


DinerScene.bmpMontreal is a veritable beacon in fine dining in North America, featuring such stars as Europea[1] on de la Montagne with its mouth watering discovery and tasting menus, le Filet[2] on Mount‑Royal E. with its succulent seafood plates, and Chez Queux[3] on St-Paul E. with its exquisitely prepared game dishes. However, Montreal is also home to a different class of eateries altogether, the praises of which often go unsung. Places that don't have glossy business cards or a trendy website. Places that rely almost exclusively on word of mouth and customer loyalty to stay in business. Places where poutine is served without pretention and that feel like a home away from home.

Three of the best coffee shops in Montreal


best-cafes-montreal.jpgCoffee has become a popular fix in Montreal over the last decade. Tim Hortons has always been a good and cheap cup of brew which many enjoyed, but places like Starbucks gained much popularity in this booming city. Although the cup is pricier, it hasn't stopped business men and women, as well as hundreds of students from rushing in to get a cup, for that early morning meeting or class. However, just like Tim Hortons and Starbucks, both fast food coffee houses, many people are leading faster paced lives, leaving them to chug down that cup of deliciousness, and depriving them of the taste, and the experiences, better and more affordable coffee houses are offering the people of Montreal.

I decided to travel around the city and visit a few of the small and undiscovered coffee shops. Drinking the rich coffees opened my eyes to the appreciation of the java bean the coffee house gems of Montreal, which I am more than happy to share with other coffee lovers out there.

Montreal's New Fast Food Landmark Decarie Hot Dog

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decarie1.jpgMost of what I know to be Montreal institutions are found within close proximity of each other. What we're known for, the bagels, the smoked meat, and the Quebecois chefs are all located more or less relatively in a small confine of the city. Outside of the plateau, old port and downtown, there is little talk about restaurants. However, there is one place, Decarie Hot Dog, incidentally, that breaks the mold.

If you're unfamiliar with its location, located in Ville Saint-Laurent, Decarie Hot Dog is extremely easy to pass by. But having students, residents of this city, and workers from the area  walking up and down Cote Vertu, it's a landmark people tend to always find themselves eating at and enjoying.

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