Locally grown produce costs more.


The market is always a better deal. More often than not, market prices are lower than grocery store prices. Let's compare: A head of romaine lettuce at a typical grocery store in Montreal, such as Loblaws, will run you about $1.29 - $1.99; at the Jean Talon Market you would receive twice as much lettuce for the same price. Your market vendor is often times the same person who actually grew and picked your food. When your food does not check into a distribution plant or end up on a plane or truck, it costs you significantly less to purchase it. From October 4th to 10th, Loblaws is offering a basket of Quebec grown apples for $3.99. This being the season for apples, the same product at the market will cost you $2.50 - $3. Challenge your grocery dollars and take a trip to the market to make your own comparissons. In the long run, a dollar's difference adds to your food costs every week. Not only does eating locally cost you less, but it also costs helps ease the burden on our economy. Watch this astonishing video by Hellmann's Canada to see the facts.

Local produce in a grocery store is not a common practice, whereas the market is home to a bounty of fresh food every single day, all year round. Want to pay the least amount of money possible on locally produce? Grow your own! Be a part of the local food movement. Get proactive about your food and plant a backyard garden or join a community garden. Urban agriculture projects provide you with the fresh produce you need to affordably eat healthy. Montreal is no stranger to this movement. In Monique Beaudin's Fall 2011 article, "Bumper Crop - in the City", she showcased an urban garden in the middle of our city called the Jardin du marche rue Ontario. This one garden has been providing that neighbourhood with vegetables and herbs. Supporting local crops promotes a self-sufficient attitude and allows you to pay less for fresh food. Don't know where to start? The Jean Talon Market has you covered; follow their guide to find out how you can start planting and saving today.


Did you know Montreal harbours 97 community gardens that are in constant demand? The possibilities are endless when you take planting into your own hands. Hellmann's Canada has joined the movement. Learn more about planting, community resources for local food and resources for getting your kids involved here.

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