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On your Set One, Two, Meghli: A Lebanese Recipe



Hey Montrealers! Do you want to impress some of your Lebanese friends? Do you have a newborn in the family and want to make something special to celebrate? Well, not to worry! Below you will find a simple and delicious meghli recipe that is sure to impress and put a smile on everyone's face.

Meghli is a Lebanese treat for special occasions. Traditionally, this desert is made when there is a newborn and is served to family members and neighbors. Meghli is a recipe often handed down among the women. Of course, in true Lebanese style in the everyone claims that theirs is the best, but I know that there isn't any meghli out there quite like my mom's.

DSC_0123 (2).jpgAs a student, living in an apartment away from home, I can say eating healthy is not always a top priority. During my first year of university, most of my money was spent on outings with friends, clothes, coffee, tuition, rent, textbooks, and coffee. Buying and eating healthy food did not come before school. I cannot count the amount of times I chose a package of Kraft Dinner or Ramen noodles over a meal containing actual nutritional value. I picked unhealthy food options because the price of the food was cheap and the cook time was minimal. Eating healthy in-between going to class, procrastinating on assignments, working, or hanging out with friends seemed impossible. There was so much to do and no time to make a healthy and cheap meal decision.

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