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My Secret Identity: An Interview with Myles Charon

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It was a cold Saturday morning as I began to walk to the entrance to Captaine Quebec. I made it to the door before realizing I had left my tea in the car. Having forgotten what parking space number I was, I turned around to check only to recognize a familiar figure. Walking down St-Catherine with a smile on his face was Myles. He was wearing a puffy coat with familiar motif: Spider-Man.

"I saw your cousin the other day" Myles said with a smile.

"Oh?" I replied, knowing fully well that my nearest cousin was a seven hour drive away.

"Yea, the one who looks just like you." He answered laughing.

With that said, we made our way to the store entrance; a large glass door with a stairs leading down. I was immediately comforted by the familiar sights and signs, as much as I was by the heat of the building. We chatted casually as we walked down the stairs, leaving our coats at the cash. Excusing himself for a second, Myles disappeared to the back of the store. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee from his backroom, Myles returned seconds later and ready to begin.