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Isn't it Kale-tastic?: A Smoothie Recipe


Let's face it, Montrealers, not many of us like eating our vegetables, especially for breakfast. Besides, who even has the time to prepare anything more complicated than buttered toast and a coffee to-go in the morning? Indeed, eating healthy does take more time than making simple toast, but--I promise--your body will thank you for it later. Don't forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet, here we are running out the door with practically nothing sustainable in our stomachs. How are we then supposed to function without a proper source of energy? And worse yet, we risk having everyone around us at school or work hear the growling of our stomachs. Awkward!

My obsession: the kale smoothie. Hold on! Now before you close this window, hear me out. I agree--the media went a little overboard with the talk of kale. And yes, the leafy green's benefits were heavily exaggerated. Somehow, kale has become a fad in the West. Even Beyoncé is rocking a sweatshirt with the word kale on it in a recent music video; however, kale does have its benefits and they shouldn't be overlooked. After all, kale has been cultivated for over 2000 years! It was once the most widely eaten green vegetable until cabbages won the popularity contest in the Middle Ages. Imagine that! So, for those of us who don't like vegetables and have little to no time to prepare a nutritious breakfast, sneaking in kale into smoothies is the perfect way to go about this particular displeasure. Don't worry, it won't even feel like you're eating vegetables with the recipe to come!