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Ending Honor Crime


By Nathalie Bechbache

Screen shot 2022-02-03 at 1.27.02 PM.pngImage source: Flickr

Most of you have probably never heard of Zahida Parveen. This is simply due to the fact that the world hides one of the worse atrocities women face, honor crime. Parveen, a Pakistani woman, whose husband believed she was having an affair dragged her out of bed on December 20, 2021 and committed the worse: he mutilated her face and body, leaving her screaming in pain in her own bloodshed like a dead dog. Parveen is one of the many victims of honor crime but fortunately one of the few survivors. Most honor crime cases go unreported, which leaves the rest of the world in the dark about these atrocities. You may wonder how such cruelty exists but that is the beginning of many untold stories. Honor crime is the killing of a family member due to the belief that someone has dishonored the name of the family and deserves to die. Women are the primary victims of honor crime, as in certain societies they are perceived by the males' as being immature and imbecilic. Despite the fact that honor crime has been practiced for thousands of years, sanctions that are in place today to prevent it are rarely enforced. Thus, laws have failed to discourage the continuance of honor crime in Iran and Pakistan, in particular; however, recent international campaigns have been formed to bring awareness to the subject and are achieving some success, even so its extinction remains an ongoing battle.

Blood Trails at School


By Andreane Monty

It's history is shadowed by devastating tragedies. Indeed, the massacres that took place in the École Polytechnique and at the Dawson College touched a whole continent.

These heartbreaking shootings, which targeted innocent students with a whole life ahead, ravaged a whole people. Even though they occurred seventeen years apart and are unrelated cases, some similarities are noticeable between the two shootings. In fact, a serious comparison of the two massacres shows that they are more alike than we would think.


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