June 2012 Archives

By: Leena Falciglia


Everywhere we look, we see traces of man's inhumanity toward man; we see the results of pride and greed and hatred in our morning papers, and on our evening news. There are many dangers in this world, some real and some imagined. There are men who have risen to such power, that they rule with an iron hand in many parts of our cities.  Pride, greed and hatred give evil men the power to carry out any evil deed often undetected. As long as some parts of our cities remain poor and desolate, as long as people are desperate enough to hope for a change or a new life, as long as politicians and law enforcement look the other way, as long as there is corruption in our legal system, as long as there is greed, as long as there are men and women filled with hatred, La Cosa Nostra remains a very real and present threat in our societies.