Depositphotos_24706699_m-2015-2.jpgIt might sound cliché, but if you're feeling a little down about yourself, lingerie could be the answer. Several studies have shown that wearing lingerie can boost a woman's confidence, whether they're in a relationship or not.

According to this Daily Mail article, a study conducted at Manchester University found that just wearing a push-up bra could greatly increase a woman's confidence. When wearing a push-up bra compared to their regular undergarments, women smiled 73 percent more. They also decreased the amount of times they broke eye contact (a low confidence habit) by 41 percent, and they decreased other self-conscious habits like touching their face or wiping their forehead by 64 percent.

Another study from Live Science concluded that wearing lingerie can increase men's interest. It's not surprising, though, because men associate lingerie with sex--and the more enthusiastic he is about wanting you, the more confident you'll feel.

The confidence you achieve from wearing lingerie is a side effect that can also have has its own side effect. When he's enthusiastic about sex, and you feel confident, your sex life could reap the benefits. An article in Prevention says that self-confidence is the biggest secret to better intimacy. When you're not busy worrying about how you look, you have a lot more time to enjoy one another and get lost in the moment.

When you're willing to give it a try for yourself, you'll want to dress the part. To do so, make sure you find lingerie that best fits your body shape. If you're pear-shaped and want to hide problems areas like hips, you can go with a loose teddy. To show off your waste, the bralets featured in Lyst's lingerie collection can provide additional chest coverage that also highlights your midsection. Also, the lace gives the pieces a look that's both flirty and feminine. And of course, if you're self conscious about the size of your chest, a classic padded push-up bra is best. For additional coverage to any lingerie style, you can add a short silk robe to the mix.

The next time you're feeling low, treat yourself to a nice piece of lingerie. Even if you don't have someone to show it off to now, wearing it might give you just the boost you need to approach that cute guy at the coffee shop. You'll never know until you try.

Cosmetic Surgery: A Take on Both Sides by Chelsea Berne


Screen shot 2022-02-02 at 11.35.13 PM.pngAltering one's appearance through surgery is a serious decision that no one should rush into. Cosmetic Surgery has been around since the late 1800's. Through the research of early doctor, and the technology created by today's doctor, enhancement of one's features has been made available to both women and men. If you are unhappy with the image you stare at every morning in the mirror, there's a simple fix in today's society, go under the knife. As the times have changed so have people's perception of their body image. Due to several factors that affect people in both their personal and professional lives, men and women have turned to liposuction, breast enhancements, and facelifts as a way to better fit into society and the bar it has set, when it comes to looks and body image. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise, and talked about more than ever, and this trend will only continue to increase.

The issue concerning cosmetic surgery and body image in this day and age is that so many people have chosen to take this route, instead of embrace the features and shape they have been graced with. If they do not fit the mold society and the media have shaped, then the solution is to alter how we look in order to be better accepted by others, disregarding our own opinions and those of our loved ones. When the issue is body image, instead of going for a change in lifestyle and eating healthy, most people take the easier route, but that is more costly and painful, surgery. Although a healthier lifestyle is promoted for now than ever, this society is lazy and wants a quick fix to their problems, even the ones they carry with them. However they do not understand that these surgeries do take time and can go horribly wrong.

Losing our Identity by Chelsea Berne



Backgrounder-Cosmetic Surgery: A Blessing or Downfall By Chelsea Berne



The backgrounder takes a look at cosmetic surgery and the reasons why women, and even men have resorted to this alternative to enhance their features.

The "IT" girl's representation has changed over time; being all natural was the depiction of true beauty, while now the media is exposing a plastic and fake image as hot. This is an up and coming trend girls as young as fourteen, are feeling the need to be apart of, due the encouragement of media sources. The pressure is great to be perfect for not only women, but men as well; causing both sexes to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to prolong themselves from ageing and keep up with the new craze. This article will be aimed towards the younger generations of both men and women, teaching them the effects of getting cosmetic surgery and how much time and money actually go into attaining this "IT" look. It's a foolish choice that comes with many disadvantages and consequences and this will help them gain more knowledge on the subject instead of just jumping into the choice without research.

How do they feel about their body image, and why do they resort to these body altercations, for the same reason as women perhaps. Raising awareness about this issue is important to the well being of all people. Surgery causes scars and trauma, as well as the need to continue fixing our "imperfect body". But who chooses that we are imperfect; the media? They are a negative influence on our outlook of whom we are physically and who we need to be; however, these goals are unrealistic and cost so much money that many people cannot afford it. So, they continue living with themselves unsatisfied of the reflection they stare at in the mirror daily. This trend needs to end for both sides.

Water based nail polish resource guide


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Painting your nails can be fun and creative but did you know that most nail polishes contain toxic ingredients?
Formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl are the three big offenders and many nail polish companies have removed them from from their polishes. However there are other ingredients which, though considered less toxic, still cause people with sensitivities to react badly. Some people are negatively effected by the strong smell of nail polish. These odors can trigger asthma attacks and migraines. Others find that the health of their nails deteriorates as they use nail polish more frequently, making their nails brittle, thin and discolored.

By Priscilla

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1963 - A red hat. A white dress. A tiny black belt. A deep breath. A smile. The young mother of six children leaves the country side, the small town of Ste-Sophie, Quebec, for something she doesn't expect. In search of a career that would allow her to make good money, she enrolls in one of the best schools of haute couture downtown Montreal, Cotnoir-Capponi. She finishes her study at 33, not knowing what is waiting for her. That night, at the gala, she meets one of the most popular designers of Montreal: John Warden, an influent figure in the fashion world. She is thrown in a world filled with beautiful people passionate about clothing styles. In 1967, she starts drawing sketches at the side of a giant of the fashion industry here, in Quebec. That lady, my grandmother, had the privilege to know this talented man and to work with him. But most of us grew up in a totally different fashion era, and stand in the dark of such great designers that were well-known in Montreal during the '60s. Although Warden's name seems to have fallen into oblivion today, he will always remain to Montreal the same legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent is to Paris, for his work caused fashion to evolve throughout Canada. Warden was a great fashionista, as creative and successful as Yves St Laurent.

Cheap Chic - Vintage in Montreal

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In our modern society, vintage shopping is no longer something reserved for the elderly or those tight on cash. Second-hand items are now prized possessions, with thrifters going to many lengths to secure that perfect vintage piece. On top of saving you money and allowing you to find truly one-of-a-kind pieces, your thrifty ways are helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Montreal, In Style



The term "fashion blogger" or even just "blogger" is one that has blown up in the past decade. Blogging has gone from a fun internet hobby and procrastination tool to something that can be turned into a full-fledged career, if you're smart about it.

By: Skittles
Being someone who has been dying her hair all funky for the last six years, I've gotten all kinds of questions about it. I've had every colour in the rainbow in my hair, literally at the same time so I wager I must be a pro at DIY dying by now. So this is my guide to getting rockin' hair that won't disappear after two or three washes.

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Punky Color by Jerome Russel

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By: Skittles
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For most people, colouring their hair means buying box dye at the pharmacy or going to the salon, but for me, it means finding the brightest colours possible. I've found a product that has never let me down: Punky Color by Jerome Russel.

Image source Flickr.

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