Can Lingerie Provide the Confidence Boost You Need?


Depositphotos_24706699_m-2015-2.jpgIt might sound cliché, but if you're feeling a little down about yourself, lingerie could be the answer. Several studies have shown that wearing lingerie can boost a woman's confidence, whether they're in a relationship or not.

According to this Daily Mail article, a study conducted at Manchester University found that just wearing a push-up bra could greatly increase a woman's confidence. When wearing a push-up bra compared to their regular undergarments, women smiled 73 percent more. They also decreased the amount of times they broke eye contact (a low confidence habit) by 41 percent, and they decreased other self-conscious habits like touching their face or wiping their forehead by 64 percent.

Another study from Live Science concluded that wearing lingerie can increase men's interest. It's not surprising, though, because men associate lingerie with sex--and the more enthusiastic he is about wanting you, the more confident you'll feel.

The confidence you achieve from wearing lingerie is a side effect that can also have has its own side effect. When he's enthusiastic about sex, and you feel confident, your sex life could reap the benefits. An article in Prevention says that self-confidence is the biggest secret to better intimacy. When you're not busy worrying about how you look, you have a lot more time to enjoy one another and get lost in the moment.

When you're willing to give it a try for yourself, you'll want to dress the part. To do so, make sure you find lingerie that best fits your body shape. If you're pear-shaped and want to hide problems areas like hips, you can go with a loose teddy. To show off your waste, the bralets featured in Lyst's lingerie collection can provide additional chest coverage that also highlights your midsection. Also, the lace gives the pieces a look that's both flirty and feminine. And of course, if you're self conscious about the size of your chest, a classic padded push-up bra is best. For additional coverage to any lingerie style, you can add a short silk robe to the mix.

The next time you're feeling low, treat yourself to a nice piece of lingerie. Even if you don't have someone to show it off to now, wearing it might give you just the boost you need to approach that cute guy at the coffee shop. You'll never know until you try.

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