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Jim Carrey: Behind His Many Faces

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Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. ―Jim Carrey

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Ah, movies! Whether you're home sick from work, just finished a long day at the office, or simply yearning for a break from your daily shenanigans, movie and TV actors are always there to get you through the day. Whether you're into slapstick comedies, heartfelt dramas, or romantic love stories, you can always count on your favourite actor performances to bring your tiresome day to an enjoyable close. Many of us claim we love actors and have watched all of their films but very few of us know more than what the media feeds us about our celebrities. Very rarely do we stop to think about how our favourite actors and actresses have made it to the status they are today, at the forefront of comedy with Hollywood's biggest film stars and giants.

At the forefront among these giants is Canadian-born comedian Jim Carrey. This feature article aims to expose an unsightly part of Carrey's early life in an effort to demonstrate that with enough perseverance and ambition, we can overcome anything to attain our dreams.