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Robin Williams: Driven by Madness



"You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." -Robin Williams

Arguably, the single-most repeated question newcomers to stand-up comedy repeat themselves when watching a performance is "Was what he said true or is he making it up for the show?" Well, for Robin Williams, the argument can be made that, yes, most of it was true. The interesting aspect about Williams' life is that what drove him to the peak of both his intellectual and vocational career as a writer, producer, director, comedian and actor was also what slowly led him to his suicide; it was a case of bitter irony.

Finding Myself



I have always struggled to determine a career path. During my final year in cegep, I decided to enroll in a humanities courses entitled "Sociology of the Family"; through this course, I came to realize that I have a keen interest in the way society works. Having found a direction now brought me joy and a sense of fulfilment. By the end of cegep, I had taken plenty of sociology courses and my love for the field had only grown stronger. Sociology is one of those disciplines that reshapes and molds itself based on each person's individual experience and perspective, making it unique and dear to me.