Finding Myself



I have always struggled to determine a career path. During my final year in cegep, I decided to enroll in a humanities courses entitled "Sociology of the Family"; through this course, I came to realize that I have a keen interest in the way society works. Having found a direction now brought me joy and a sense of fulfilment. By the end of cegep, I had taken plenty of sociology courses and my love for the field had only grown stronger. Sociology is one of those disciplines that reshapes and molds itself based on each person's individual experience and perspective, making it unique and dear to me.

When I first realized that I was interested in studying the inner workings of society, I remember being in a classroom full of students that seemed to only be interested in completing the bare minimum requirements or sub-par work while I was completely intrigued by the lectures. And despite my "Sociology of the Family" teacher having the most unenticing and monotonic voice, I was inexplicably drawn to the content of her lectures.

The majority of the class was busy texting on their cell phones or talking among themselves, while I listened intently as she explained why we do what we do as human beings and the driving forces behind our actions. At the end of the year, I went back to see my professor to acquire a letter of recommendation in the event that I'd need one to enter into my future university's sociology program.

It wasn't until I reached university that my anxiety slowly began creeping up on me again when I began realizing that sociology was, for lack of a better word, a dead end. I decided to also enroll in Concordia's Professional Writing Minor Program as means of adding tangibility to my educational carrer and to ensurie I don't end up working a low-paying job after completing my bachelor degree.

A moment of conflict between my own experience and conventional wisdom is when I slowly began losing faith in religion as a result of enriching my education. This is a perfect example of me struggling to find value in something that is increasingly being rejected, or for lack a better word disregarded, by society. In the end, studying sociology helped me make sense of my life and the actions of others.

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