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2014's Top 5 Cinematic Masterpieces


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Image Source: Gamekyo

Spoiler Alert

What's the first thing you do when you're contemplating watching a movie? Do you reach for the remote only to have Netflix suggest you a film list based on your 'watching preferences?' Perhaps you read a movie review to decide whether or not the film is worth watching. If you're the latter, you'll find the following review of 2014's top films helpful in deciding what you'll watch next.

The most difficult part of writing these reviews was not critiquing them but rather, it was narrowing down my contenders. With hundreds of movies released annually, at first, this task seemed near impossible. In 2013 alone, 698 films were released at the cinema (MPAA), making it very difficult for great works to get the screen-time they humbly deserve. This review does just that: it pays homage to what I have meticulously evaluated to be the top five cinematic masterpieces of 2014.