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Rising Homegrown Talent: An Interview with Chef Alex Lucarino


With restaurants, bars and cafés popping up on almost every street corner, it comes to no surprise that Montreal's vibrant culinary scene has been booming lately. Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes in some of Montreal's busiest kitchens. In a city that seamlessly brings together top chefs and rising stars--combining a vast array of cultures, textures and tastes--I can certainly vouch for the fact that Montreal chefs go beyond ingredients and recipes and give life to some of the most inventive dishes imaginable.

Up-and-coming chef Alex Lucarino has made no secret of his love for anything food-related. Lucarino, 24, graduated from a cooking institute less than a year ago and he's quickly moving up the city's culinary ladder. He is currently working on the line alongside renowned chef Marie-Fleur St-Pierre at Montreal hotspot Tapeo Bar à Tapas.

On a snowy Thursday evening in Montreal, we caught up with Alex at the Jean-Talon Market to shop for some fresh veggies and discuss life, career plans and some of his experiences in Montreal's profoundly competitive food scene.