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I'm Jessica Carroll, a Toronto implant who moved to Montreal to fuel my interest in art. I am currently in my last semester of a BFa in Art History and hope to use my degree to travel the world. Still, as much as I love art, music is my true calling -I've worked as a writer for Exclaim! Magazine for the past two years and am in the process of starting an all-girl garage band. My hope as Beaux-Arts editor at Montrealites is to infuse some fun into the section.

Despina Savvas recently obtained her BA in English Literature Major with a minor in Professional Writing from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Although she has worked as a legal assistant since 1999 her interests have now shifted in merging her legal knowledge with her writing and editing skills. Please visit her website at where she displays her writing skills and personal interests.

Christine Fournier

I'm a small town/country girl who grew up just outside Montreal. As an amateur photographer and artist, Montreal has proven to be a wonderful source of material and inspiration for my artwork because its culture - and there's always something left to discover.


Laura Giaccari is a 22 year old student completing a Bachelor's degree in English Literature with a minor in professional writing. Her life has been characterized by her passion for dance, and in effect, her love for writing and literature stem from this passion. She loves expressing herself through writing, and is always motivated to take on new projects and try new things.


Sarah Starkey

Moving from the small town of St. John's, Newfoundland to come Montreal, has taught me a lot about myself in the past two years. I've found that I love change, I adapt easily to new situations, and I love seeing and doing new things. I've really experienced Montreal to the fullest- and I'm proud of myself for that.

Shelley Porcheron McGill

Born on December 11th in the small rural community of Herdman located minutes away from the American-Canadian border. She is currently completing her Bachelor's Degree in the English Literature Honours program with a minor in Professional Writing. She is also a certified bartender with *AbsoluteBartending*. In addition to her full-time studies and part-time workload, Shelley teaches English as a second language to newly landed immigrants, tutors students for English entrance exams, and writes various articles, letters of intent, and design portfolios for her current and potential clients.

Robyn Rees

Born and raised in Montreal, Robyn Rees grew up steps away from the city's downtown core. A nature lover, yearning for country living, she spent the first six years of adulthood in the Eastern Townships, an hour east of Montreal, and has now found a happy medium to the west in Hudson. She has become a dedicated member of the train commuting community, not being able to stay away from the vibrant city for too long, but cherishing the beauty and peacefulness of the city's surrounding areas.


Elisabeth Ste-Marie

If you want to be successful, you should start thinking like a man." I was ten when my father told me this for the first time. He provided me with more details as the years went by to explain his point, he said that " women pay too much attention to details; men have a broader view, hence a better vision of life." "Look... all the greatest achievers of this world... they were all men.

Amy Bilodeau

I'm currently a student at Concordia University in Montreal where I reside with my cat and goldfish. This is the fourth and final year of my degree. I have plans to attend graduate studies in Clinical Psychology. I enjoy photography and reading in my free time.

Lucas Frederick Sellyn

I'm 25, I majored in film and I love video games. I am rarely seen without my iPad and am passionate about technology and Apple products. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. Having a big family has taught me how to collaborate well with others and how to recognize when to take a secondary role. My favorite website is and I like to write short stories in my spare time. I think Montrealites is a great site for newcomers to the city.

Illian Rain

Both writing and fighting from an early age, and firmly convinced that that these were productive and enjoyable ways to pass the time growing up in small-town Ontario, Illian Rain is a published writer and experienced editor who has been working professionally since 2008.  She has completed the Professional Writing minor at Concordia University. She is an editor for No Iron Fitness  and currently has several writing projects up her sleeve. On the fighting front, Illian is a self-defense instructor at Leriken Functional Fitness, the business she runs with her husband and one other partner. 

Her love of the written word, attention to detail, and fighting spirit make her someone you want on your side when navigating the world of words and ideas.

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