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Sugar is everyone's favourite whore.


It's the thing you think about in the dark and the quiet while your healthy-other slumbers inside of you, dreaming of all the good and sensible things they will eat tomorrow.


It's the thing we know we should quit but the very thing we cannot stop; rich chocolate spiked with cayenne pepper poured so thickly into mugs the spoon stands to attention unsupported; creamy white Philadelphia oozing over carrots and raisins and spice; icing licked clean from the mound of a cupcake, sugar licked clean from the tips of fingers.


And like most people worth knowing it has a dark side, but unlike most people's dark side, its existence has changed the course of history, for better, and unfortunately, for worse.


In short, it is the uneasy love affair that most of us have; the illicit encounter we struggle against, write about, photograph, lust after, plan for, and justify. Oh, I'm certain there exists a lucky few who do not feel bashful... I simply haven't met them yet.


This is by no means a self-help group. If that's what you came for then turn away, avert your eyes and go back to your sugar-free carob pudding.


We don't want your kind here anyway.


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Where to find sugar in Montreal:


  • Pekarna: 2313 St. Catherine West, AMC Forum, Atwater Metro, 514 228-5222



And pretty please, with a giant maraschino or fresh red cherry on top, add to this list as you see fit.

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