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There is so much to do in Montreal at any time of year. Read our articles for ideas on both indoor and outdoor activities in your neighborhood. Try Go-karting, watch a hockey game or spend an evening at the movies for cheap, or follow the links below to find something to do tonight!


Go Montreal Go-Karting by Alex MacDonald-Brown- This article examines the role of Go-karting in Montreal as well as the history, facilities and designs of the carts.



Warrior Sport: Skiing Mount Royal by Collin Heap- This article examines cross-country skiing in and around Montreal and includes history, designated areas and equipment.



The Battle of Quebec by Matthew Gallant- What do Montrealers love more than anything? Hockey of course! This article gives old fans and newbies to the game of hockey an overview of the rivalry between Quebec City and Montreal's NHL teams.


 The Battle of Quebec Renewed? by Matthew Gallant- Building upon "The Battle of Quebec," Matthew Galant examines the economic and social effect that reinstating Quebec City's NHL team would have on Montreal.


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