My name is Morgan and I'm a Montreal transplant originally from Saskatchewan. I have been here for the last four years studying at Concordia. I love having my sister here, who I have allured to studying in Montreal because it is so amazing. Lastly, I'm a Sagittarius, which tells you more than you need to know.

If I were a spice I would be cayenne pepper!



Hi, my name is Corinne Levesque, three years ago I discovered my passion in life to research tropical reefs and relocated to Montreal and returned to school. Nearly two years later, I am realizing that none of Concordia's programs are satisfying because they are not directly related to what I hope to do in the future. ! feel like I am wasting time, and I am not sure what to do about it since I cannot afford to go to school in the USA where they have all my favorite programs. Any suggestions?

Despina Savvas recently obtained her BA in English Literature Major with a minor in Professional Writing from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Although she has worked as a legal assistant since 1999 her interests have now shifted in merging her legal knowledge with her writing and editing skills. Please visit her website at where she displays her writing skills and personal interests.

Christina Amaya. Soon I will complete my bachelor's degree in English Literature at Concordia University. Finishing up a Public Relations certificate at McGill University makes me excited about wrapping up my education this year.  I enjoy discovering new places and ways of life. I also love fitness and practice Pilates, yoga, and jogging. If I can manage my budget and time, I'll sign up for some boxing classes to keep me in shape for my 127 pound lion of a mastiff that drags me across the snow everyday with her leash on our walks.


Marieke Bivar-Wikhammer is studying translation at Concordia. She is passionate about social justice, writing, and languages. A proud Anarchist, she sometimes finds it hard to confine herself to general critiques of social issues, but does attempt to maintain a semblance, at least, of objectivity (at least until she reaches the conclusions of her essays, at which point she tends to explode into an indignant mess of suppressed assertions!).  

My name is Carol Leroux and I am a middle-aged woman, who in 2009, returned to university full-time to study towards a Bachelor's degree in Translation (English to French). I obtained my first Bachelor's degree from Concordia University in 1984 (Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in film production). There are advantages and disadvantages of returning to university at middle age; it can be quite an adventure, but the experience is mostly an emotional roller coaster ride.


Shelley Porcheron McGill was born on December 11th in the small rural community of Herdman located minutes away from the American-Canadian border. She is currently completing her Bachelor's Degree in the English Literature Honours program with a minor in Professional Writing. She is also a certified bartender with *AbsoluteBartending*. In addition to her full-time studies and part-time workload, Shelley teaches English as a second language to newly landed immigrants, tutors students for English entrance exams, and writes various articles, letters of intent, and design portfolios for her current and potential clients.

My name is Mohamed Naim. I'm an elementary school teacher. I've been in Canada for more than eight years. I finished a Bachelor's degree in education in Sudbury Ontario. My research is about the effect of electronic devices presenting violence and sexuality on children's education. I'm interested to bring my contribution regarding matters related to children's education and life. currently, I think about the disappearing children in Montreal, what leads to this fact and how salient it is.

Nikol Kvasnickova. I am a translation student originally from the Czech Republic who moved to Montreal 2 years ago. I'm passionate about languages and enjoy the challenge of living in foreign countries. So far, Canada is number 6 and I hope there are many more places waiting for me.


I'm Vanessa Clemente, a 22 year-old, pure-bred Montrealer. If I'm not cup caking or decorating cakes, I'm most probably reading a good book or drinking a warm cup of tea. I'm currently majoring in translation at Concordia University and plan to run my own business one day (after traveling around the world, of course).

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Danielle Gagnon and I am studying translation, here at Concordia. Former flight attendant, I worked 10 years for Air Canada. I also worked in art galleries in Quebec City (where I do come from), and I even owned one. I moved to Montreal a little over two years ago, and I decided to complete a bachelor degree. I now find myself at almost 40 years old, ready to begin a new life. I am the proud mother of a 9 year old boy who plays soccer, hockey or any sport which fall on his way! We live together in the Villeray district, and we are very happy with our lives. I hope my studies will lead to new horizons, and I am very excited at the idea of not knowing what the future holds for me. I love change, and I could never work from 9 to 5 in an office. I need action, people around me, laugh and have fun while working. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but what do you want, this is who I am! See you around ...


Hi, I'm Gyongyver Andrea Winterhalter. I moved to Canada from Romania a little over one year ago in search of something different, a new adventure, a new life... I guess you could say I enjoy change. However, I still like to keep some parts of my old life unchanged, such as my profession. That's why I'm back in school now, doing my third BA, this time in translation, so that I can continue doing here what I did best in my home country: translate.

Mathieu Gallant is a 24 years old hockey-loving weirdo living in Montreal who is not rooting for the Montreal Canadians. Even though his heart lies in Pittsburgh, he breaths hockey through and through just like every other Montrealer.


Ruth Drouillard

I believe that one of my best or most interesting assets is that I look out for the best interests of others. I do not make my decisions of others based on how someone else perceives them, but I wait to get to know an individual and make my decision on my own. I believe that all individuals are unique and they need to be treated that way.


Sarah Starkey  Moving from the small town of St. John's, Newfoundland to come Montreal, has taught me a lot about myself in the past two years. I've found that I love change, I adapt easily to new situations, and I love seeing and doing new things. I've really experienced Montreal to the fullest- and I'm proud of myself for that.


Robert Fils  My greatest asset as a contributor to the website is that, as an active musician, I'm plugged into the music scene in a unique way. Not only do I regularly play shows in various venues across the city, but I also love meeting other local musicians and taking in the great music that breathes life into the city.



Laura Giaccari, is a 22 year old student completing a Bachelor's degree in English Literature with a minor in professional writing. Her life has been characterized by her passion for dance, and in effect, her love for writing and literature stem from this passion. She loves expressing herself through writing, and is always motivated to take on new projects and try new things.


My name is Collin Heap and I come from the Canadian prairies. I have lived in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta I'm now living in Montreal for university. I love adventures and am perfectly at peace in the outdoors and wilderness. Additionally, I have a strong love of geeky things especially Star Trek, Batman, Lego and most recently Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Gaynor Harding, my greatest asset is my knowledge of Montreal. I know it like the proverbial back of my hand. Montreal is a friend to me and I never feel alone when I think of the city and her people. Detours around the streets do not frustrate me because I know all different routes around town. It adds to my experience because I might come across new scenery. I even can tell you a location around town if I see it in movies or TV, the corner of a building or the bricks of a house.


Angharad Frances is a West Coast girl with a lust for the wider world, living in Montreal in this brief dream between the past and the future. She is painfully empathetic but strangely unsympathetic; wild as a wind dwarfing Sitka Spruce on a cliff hanging over the boiling surf.


My name is Christine Fournier and I'm a small town/country girl who grew up just outside Montreal. As an amateur photographer and artist, Montreal has proven to be a wonderful source of material and inspiration for my artwork because its culture - and there's always something left to discover.


 My name is Alex MacDonald-Brown, and the thing that likely tells you the most about me is that i am a moral philosopher. I love philosophy, specifically ethics, and would like to one day become a judge, an arbiter of legal and moral judgments. As a philosophy student at Concordia University, I have already embarked on the intricate path to success.

I am Isabelle Dufresne-Dube, a 22 years old student who moved to Montreal in 1992 and grew up in Cote-des-Neiges. I really like living in Montreal, but I also enjoy frequent getaways in the Laurentians to go skiing. I like the diversity of Montreal and I am always excited to learn about different cultures.



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