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The Gym Avoidance Syndrome


Figure 1: Gym Machines 
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 For the past twenty-two years, I have never seriously stepped into a gym. The only time I was required to go to the gym was for a class at Marianopolis called "Stress Management". This class was actually quite fun. We had to devise a routine for ourselves at the gym and we would have to go every week. I didn't really know much about working out, so I would go with a few of my guy friends and I would hang out more than anything. For me, I would have rather gone skiing then spend my time in a smelly gym where all the guys took up the equipment and were showing off and proving themselves to each other. I felt I didn't really have to go to the gym because, in most of my spare time, I was in Arthur Murray's dance studio. Unfortunately, I don't dance anymore. I guess I grew out of it. School took over my life and I didn't have time to dance. Instead, I focused on getting good grades. I have a rang of health issues as well, so I took a dancing hiatus. The gym avoidance changed three weeks ago.

Legalize Gay


By: Shengxixi Hu

Recently, the Japanese director Takeshi Kitano made an outrageous comment about Obama's stance on same-sex marriage, stating that the legalization of same-sex marriage will all but lead to bestiality. Half a year ago, a Chinese citizen made a similar comment, saying that gay marriage is equal to the consent of incest. Both logics are untenable. The corollary is as defective as to equalize fruit with bottled fruit. Can we draw a conclusion "Because fruit is good for the body, bottled fruit has the same nutritional value"? Will decriminalization of abortion result in the consent of homicide? The analog between abortion and homicide or same-sex marriage and bestiality/incest is that they are perceived to be deviant in our society.

The long hostility towards homosexuality is that it's not moral, but what exactly is morality? The catch line "two loved ones being together is moral" from Summer Palace (2005) may sound naïve, but is forcing gay people into lavender marriages ethical? The lavender marriage is prevailing in China mostly because the Chinese parents can't deal with the reality of not having grandchildren. The family line can never be cut off; consequently, kids do not have the freedom to choose the life they want to live or live the live they were destined to live. The tendency of Chinese parents taking homosexuality as pathological and perverted is the result of "five thousand years of sexual repression" (The Wedding Banquet, 1993), because they, the parents cannot understand anything about homosexual behavior. Ignorance results in hostility, communication is thus not an option.

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