A Quick Survey on Childbirth (for everyone)!

A Quick Survey on Childbirth (for everyone)!

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Welcome to this quick survey on childbirth (for everyone*)!

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*(whether you are male, female, or otherwise, and whether or not you have any experience with childbirth, this survey is for you!)

It's just 9 short questions, so it should only take a minute.

The goal is to get an idea of how different people feel about the process of labour and giving birth.

The surveys are tailored to 3 different groups: females who have previously given birth, females who have not given birth, and non-females. To access the survey which is right for you, please click on one of the buttons below:

If you are biologically female and you have given birth, please

If you are biologically female and you have NOT given birth, please

If you are NOT biologically female, please

Thank you so much for your participation! =)

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"I think the goal of childbirth is a healthy baby. Period. There is a lot of talk about the mother's experience and which is great but if making her happy puts the child at any risk, it's not worth it." --But physiologically, doesn't making the mother happy (relaxed) often make it safer for the baby? If the hormones are flowing the way that they should, there's a higher chance for a safe, natural birth. I think that often, the mother's happiness and the baby's well-being are probably pretty linked.

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