The NHL Crisis - Preserving the Season Slips Through the Cracks

The NHL Crisis - Preserving the Season Slips Through the Cracks


By Ruby Aria

It's official - a full season of hockey is not in the cards. With November cut, 135 games have been cancelled, leaving the 2012-2013 season delayed. Though the circumstances were different, no one wants a repeat of an entire season lost to lockout as it happened seven years ago. But is this where NHL is headed and what are the NHL odds for the season?


In latest negotiations, Commissioner Gary Bettman, proposed a 50-50 split of hockey revenues, but the offer was dismissed by the NHLPA. Reportedly being the best offer the league could make, concerns heighten as the future of the sport is in jeopardy for the remainder of the season. Fan favorites, such as the Winter Classic and The All-Star game also hang in the balance. Bettman has also implied to the media that negotiations may only become increasingly complicated to settle since the NHLPA has refused to kick off talks with the league's proposal starting point. While the league isn't willing to budge as far as the starting point, players are concerned over their existing contracts.


As the dispute over economic balance continues to unfold, one thing is certain - hockey fans will not be cheering for their beloved teams this month and will have to stay tuned to find out if the NHL as a whole can pull it together, sooner rather than later.






(Original Link to Article - Dated October 26, 2021)

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