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August 2012 Archives

Dirty Secrets of the Tattoo Industry

By Bianca "Fiasco" Marques 

I never really had to think twice about hygiene when it came to tattoos; I have close friends who work in the industry to take care of me. Tattoo-artist friends like Alexander Mills of Voodoo tattoo who promise that they're up to the highest standards in cleanliness. That got me thinking, the highest standard, wouldn't there be one industry standard to keep up with? I arranged to sit down with Mills and ask him about what standards the government had in place for tattooing. Mills' answers were shocking. Despite the health risks involved, regulations surrounding the tattoo industry barely exist.

In our home province of Quebec, hygiene regulations are left up to shop owners to regulate their team of artists. The only incentive to having an excellent standard of hygiene is a positive word-of-mouth reputation to bring in new and repeat customers. There is nothing in the realm of a tattoo artist's license that could be revoked; at most an artist can be fired from a shop for not meeting the shop's standards.
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To rent or to own, that is the question


Montreal remains to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world due to an overwhelmingly supportive culture displayed by the city Montreal demonstrated through miles of dedicated bike paths. Amongst Montrealers bicycling is considered a favorite activity.

Commonly, bicycling is seen as a mode of socializing, transportation, or exercising. When choosing how to utilize these bike paths, there are two options available and many Montrealers have a hard time deciding between renting a Bixi bike or owning their own bike.

Bixi bikes are a bike rental service in which you can lease bikes for 30-minute increments. There are 5,120 Bixi bikes distributed from 411 self-serve kiosks located strategically around the city. Memberships may be purchased $7 for 24-hour access up to $80.50 for one year access (Bixi Inc, 2012)

When talking about traditional bikes we are referring to bikes that are purchased in store and that you own. These bikes can range from road bikes, mountain bikes, to hybrid bikes.

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