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Figure 1: A Gaelic Ball 
Source: A Piece of Blarney 

Want to find a new way of being fit during the summer without having to go to the gym twice a week? Try Gaelic Football! Gaelic Football is a game played with two teams of 15 players on a soccer pitch. Each side has a goalie net and two upright posts like American Football. The players have to bring a ball up the field by running with the ball, passing, kicking, bouncing and kicking the ball upward into their hands from the tip of their feet. The positions on the team are: goalkeeper, six backs, two midfielders and six forwards. It might sound very complicated in writing, but it is easy to understand when actually playing. I personally tried it one Saturday morning and it was actually a lot of fun. The only downside is the sore muscles the next day.
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A Guide to the Bixi Bike

By Catherine Daccache

What is BIXI?

BIXI is Montreal's public bike system and it is a self-serve bicycle rental scheme set up by the City of Montreal managed by the Public Bike System Company. 

BIXI bikes are available at various BIXI stations across the Montreal downtown area. They are accessible 24 hours a day starting from the month of April till the month of November. Not only is biking an excellent form of exercise, but it is also an environment-friendly mode of urban transportation. The BIXI bike can be taken from any BIXI station and left at any BIXI station once the biker has arrived at his/her destination.  There are 405 BIXI stations in Montreal, which makes a total of 5,050 BIXI bikes.

A bixi station in Montreal. Image source:Flickr

By: Jessica Esqueda

With winter coming to a close, parents and children everywhere are feeling pent up and ready to head outdoors. But if wind and rain are still putting a damper on things, you'll need to find another way to shake the chill from your bones. Do a quick search for last minute vacations, pick your sunny destination and get ready to dust off that suitcase and enjoy the ride!

Here are some great places the whole family can enjoy that will shake off the winter blues and get your spirits ready for summer.

1. Sandpiper Bay, USA

                             Image Source: Club Med

Florida is beautiful and sunny all year round, and Sandpiper Bay is the ultimate place for a last minute family vacation. The Club Med resort offers exclusive access to Club Med Baby, which provides safety, fun, and comfort for babies, ages four months to two years old. This allows tired parents to relax and enjoy quality adult time while their baby takes a vacation too!

Sandpiper Bay features stylish rooms and spacious family rooms, as well as activities the whole family can enjoy. What better way to shake off the Montreal winter than by soaking in the Florida sunshine?

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