A Guide to the Bixi Bike

By Catherine Daccache

What is BIXI?

BIXI is Montreal's public bike system and it is a self-serve bicycle rental scheme set up by the City of Montreal managed by the Public Bike System Company. 

BIXI bikes are available at various BIXI stations across the Montreal downtown area. They are accessible 24 hours a day starting from the month of April till the month of November. Not only is biking an excellent form of exercise, but it is also an environment-friendly mode of urban transportation. The BIXI bike can be taken from any BIXI station and left at any BIXI station once the biker has arrived at his/her destination.  There are 405 BIXI stations in Montreal, which makes a total of 5,050 BIXI bikes.

A bixi station in Montreal. Image source:Flickr

Usage Fees

Created for short trips, the BIXI fee system works according to the duration of the trip and there are different types of usage fees:

1.    If you want to become a BIXI member, you have to subscribe online at www.montreal.bixi.com . As a member, you can either subscribe for 1 year and pay a total of $ 78 CAN (taxes included) or subscribe for a month and pay a total of $ 28 CAN (taxes included).

The usage fees for members differ depending on the duration of the bike trip. Members are granted 45 minutes riding time per trip, free of additional charge. If the free time is exceeded, additional fees will be charged accordingly, and for every additional half-hour exceeded, $ 6.00 CAN are charged. Members receive a member key with which they can have access to a BIXI bike by entering it in the keypad slot in the dock.

2.         As for casual BIXI users, if they wish to have 72-hour access to a BIXI bike, the charge is $ 12 CAN. If they wish a 24-hour access, the charge is $ 5 CAN. Both these fee packages are granted 30 minutes free of charge for each trip within those 24 or 72 hours. If the time limit is exceeded, additional fees will be added, like with the members' usage fees.



  • A $ 250 CAN security deposit will be required for a duration of 10 days per 24 or 72-hour access
  • A maximum of 2 BIXI bikes can be used per credit card. If the bike trip lasts more than 30 minutes, additional fees will be charged to the credit card according to the time span.

For more information on fees and time limits, visit the BIXI website under Subscription/Fees.

Parts of a BIXI station:

What You Will Need:

  • A helmet
  • A valid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card

How to get your BIXI bike:

1.     At the pay station, touch the bike icon on the screen. You should be able to see the usage contract appear on the screen.

2.      Read and accept the usage contract by touching the accept icon.

3.     Insert your credit card in the slot. Remember that a security deposit of $ 250 will be placed on your credit card for 10 days.

4.     You should see your unlock code appear on the screen.

5.     Print or view your unlock code. It is valid for a period of 5 minutes, and if you take longer to use it, skip and go to step 11.

6.     Go to the bike dock of your choice. You should see a keypad on the bike dock.

7.     Enter your unlock code on the keypad of the bike dock you chose.

8.     You should see a green light on the keypad.

9.     Firmly pull the handles of the bike toward you to release the bike.

10.  When your trip is over, return the bike to any BIXI station.

  • Slide the front wheel of your bike into an empty dock to lock your bike.
  • You should see a green lock after you lock your bike.
Warning: If you do not see a green light after you dock your bike, it means that it was not successfully returned. Try another dock, or try again until you see the green light.
  • If you wish to take another bike, wait 2 minutes and then proceed.

11.  To obtain a new unlock code, re-insert your credit card and the system will recognize it and no additional fees will be charged to your card if you make trips under 30 minutes.


Your Responsibilities:

If you do not return your BIXI bike after 24 hours of having released it from the bike will be presumed stolen and a penalty of $ 1000 CAN will be charged to your credit card. Therefore, in case of emergency, loss, accident, or any other kind of incident, you must call Bixi to notify them of the trouble at 514-789-BIXI (2494).

Do not repair or dismantle a BIXI bike. In case of malfunction, notify and BIXI technicians will assist.

Avoid going off-road and only ride the bike in the city.

One person at a time is allowed to ride a BIXI bike.

You are solely responsible for the way you ride your BIXI bike and any damage you may cause to it.

For more information, visitwww.montreal.bixi.comor call 514-789-BIXI (2494)

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