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A Quick Survey on Childbirth (for everyone)!

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Welcome to this quick survey on childbirth (for everyone*)!

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*(whether you are male, female, or otherwise, and whether or not you have any experience with childbirth, this survey is for you!)

It's just 9 short questions, so it should only take a minute.

The goal is to get an idea of how different people feel about the process of labour and giving birth.

The surveys are tailored to 3 different groups: females who have previously given birth, females who have not given birth, and non-females. To access the survey which is right for you, please click on one of the buttons below:

If you are biologically female and you have given birth, please

If you are biologically female and you have NOT given birth, please

If you are NOT biologically female, please

Thank you so much for your participation! =)

By: Ilania Abileah

Café de la Gare contest for song-writers-composers-singers and bands of all ages entitled "Gare à la relève" is now in its semi final stage. Every Friday, semi finalists of the different categories perform three pieces, and receive guidance from the jury panel, and at the end of the evening those going on to the final are announced. Brigitte Abboud, one of the co-founders of this Café-Cabaret is the Master of Ceremony. She does it with flare, charm, good humour, joy and laughter; even better the Ryan Seacrest of American Idol. Here is the upcoming schedule:

Burn Calories Burn!


By: Ben Kerr

By following these brief instructions, you will find yourself having the best possible workout to burn the calories quickly and efficiently! There won't be a workout where you come out without breaking a sweat. This is for people of all workout levels who share the same goal of burning the most possible calories in one workout.

A word of caution, this is not an easy workout. Both beginners and experts at the gym will find themselves having a tough and efficient workout. This should not be performed by pregnant woman, people with heart problems, or under the influence of any substance.

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By: Ben Kerr

Remember the pressure of high school dances, how they seemed so scary and unknown? Later on in college, dancing became a social activity and much less intimidating. Some nights turned into sweaty fits of pure enjoyment. Waking up the next morning sore all over was probably as rewarding as it was painful. Now thinking about it, there were probably a couple calories burned since it became a pretty sweaty activity. Not worth thinking about it though, it was a fun night and that's what matters.

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