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By: Ben Kerr

By following these brief instructions, you will find yourself having the best possible workout to burn the calories quickly and efficiently! There won't be a workout where you come out without breaking a sweat. This is for people of all workout levels who share the same goal of burning the most possible calories in one workout.

A word of caution, this is not an easy workout. Both beginners and experts at the gym will find themselves having a tough and efficient workout. This should not be performed by pregnant woman, people with heart problems, or under the influence of any substance.

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Set: A way of keeping track of how many times you've done an exercise. I.e. if you are on set 3 of 4, then you are doing the exercise for the third time and will do it a fourth.

Rep: The number of times that you execute a movement in the exercise.

Cardio: Cardio is going to be the main part of this workout. It is any sort of physical activity like running, stairs, rowing, where you are conditioning your body for endurance.

Calories: Calories are the main thing that we want to get rid of. Contrary to what most people think, you're not losing the fat by burning it. You're body needs to first have the energy to burn the fat. Calories are just a word for energy that our body uses. When we burn calories that is when we are actually burning off the fat and lowering our body fat percent.

Body Fat Percent: This is a term used to show the percent of our bodies that is made up of fat.

Circuit Training: A style of training that uses a fast pace and many different exercises to burn the most calories possible.

Elliptical: A machine that is used for cardio. Easier on the joints than running.

Treadmill: A stationary cardio device that uses a belt to mimic a moving track.

Barbell: a long bar that can have weights placed on either side of it.

Dumbbell: or free weights are individual weights used in lifting exercises.

What you will need

  • Firstly, the most optimal situation will be to have a fully functional gym, although this workout can be performed without a gym and completely improvised (this would require a separate set of instructions).
  • Next make sure that you have proper gym attire. This includes a good pair of running shoes, shorts, and a breathable shirt. Also important is to bring a reusable water bottle to fill up with consistently, I cannot stress how important hydration is!
  • Some things like an mp3 player and towel are optional and can help motivate/keep yourself tidy but are not necessary.
  • Next thing you'll need (and most importantly) is the motivation to do better! Always reassure yourself that you can do it. Having a workout partner to workout with you is a great option to have. In fact we gain a twenty five percent increase in our workouts when we're with a partner, just like our prehistoric ancestors used to hunt together!

Okay now you're ready to start you ultimate workout! Make sure you've fueled up with a healthy meal and get ready to sweat!

1. Stretch.

  •     Make sure to stretch all major muscles for 20 seconds each.
  •     Make sure that the stretch is deep enough to feel but not so much so that it hurts.

2. Next begin cardio on a treadmill. 

  • Beginners should aim to run for 5-10 minutes. More experienced runners you should increase the run time.
  • Change the speed at which you run every 30 seconds. This will constantly shock your body and force it to adapt faster. The best way to do this is choose 3 different speeds

i. "Walking" - 5.5mph
ii. "Jogging" - 6.5mph
iii. "Running" 8.5 mph

3. Next move on to the weights.

  • There will be two rounds of three exercises.
  • There will be an A, B, and C exercise.
  • Once you've done 1 set of A, do a set of B, after that set do a set of C.
  • So your round of exercises will consist of, A-rest-B-rest-C-rest-A-rest-B-rest-C-rest-A-rest-B-rest-C.

4. Round 1 will include the squat, the bicep curl, and the plank. 

  • The proper form is to place a barbell behind your head so that it is balancing on your shoulders. Next, with your chest activated and pushed out, slowly lower your upper body towards the ground while keeping your feet planted. Make sure to keep your back locked in an arch and that your knees don't go ahead of your toes. Imagine sitting down on a bench.
Here is the motion from 1-4
Reps: 15
Sets: 3
Rest between sets: 30-45 seconds
Weight: Light
Motion: Quick movements

  • The next exercise is the bicep curl. Imagine yourself planted against a wall, with your shoulder blades, butt, and head all touching the wall. Now, place a dumbbell in each hand, place your elbows against the wall so that they become anchored, and slowly bring the weights up in an arch movement. This is a basic exercise and will help work the upper body. The movement is shown in the diagram below.
Reps: 12
Sets: 3
Rest between sets: 30-45 seconds
Weight: Light
Movement: Smooth and correct

    • Next is the plank. For this, you will need a mat or an area where you are preferably on a mat or carpet. Lay down on your stomach as if you're going to do a push up. Now, push yourself up to the top of the pushup position. Keep your legs straight, butt down, back straight, and hands below your shoulder blades. This is the plank position. You should feel a tension in your abs. If it hurts, then you're doing it perfectly.

This is a demonstration of the perfect plank. There are many variations to make it harder. Try it on a ball, or if you're really in for a challenge, alternate lifting your legs up as you hold the plank.Talk about feeling the burn!

Reps: Timed, hold for between 1-3 minutes
Sets: 3
Rest between sets: 30-45 seconds

5. Now begin more cardio. This time, you will be on the elliptical machine, going at a high level of intensity for between   7-12 minutes.

6. This is the last group of exercises. The three exercises will be burpees, bench press, and swiss ball crunch.

a. First, start in the pushup position. Go down for one pushup, at the top of your pushup, bring your feet up in-between your hands, stand up and jump straight away. That is one. This exercise is very rapid and explosive.

Reps: 15 Burpees
Sets: 3
Rest in-between: Maximum 20 seconds

b. The bench press can be done with either a bar bell or dumbbells. First lay on your back on a bench. Using (in this case) a barbell, lift it up so that your arms are straight ahead of you with the bar above your nipple line. Now bring the bar down slowly and controlled to about half an inch above your body. Hold it for a microscopic pause (less than a second) and with your shoulder blades squeezed together; push the bar up towards the ceiling. Warning* Do not let the bar bounce off your chest as this can result in injury.

Make sure that you are contracting your chest at the peak of the workout.
Reps: 12-15
Sets: 3
Rest in-between sets: maximum 30-45 seconds

c. The last of this round of exercises will be the Swiss Ball crunch. On a big ball (they are usually colored) sit upright. Now roll yourself down so that your feet are beneath your knees and your lower back is arched on the ball. Place your hands behind your head and slowly, using your abs, crunch upwards. You should be trying to squeeze your abs from the bottom of your rib cage towards your groin. Once you feel a contraction, while holding the crunch, let yourself down. That's one.

The diagram above shows the proper movement.
Reps: 20
Sets: 3
Rest time in-between sets: 20 seconds

7. Repeat the cardio explained in step 2. 

8. Repeat the stretches that you did in step 1 however do them in reverse order holding each for 30 seconds. Breath normally.

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