Need a Vacation? 5 Last Minute Vacation Ideas to get the Travel Gears Running


By: Jessica Esqueda

With winter coming to a close, parents and children everywhere are feeling pent up and ready to head outdoors. But if wind and rain are still putting a damper on things, you'll need to find another way to shake the chill from your bones. Do a quick search for last minute vacations, pick your sunny destination and get ready to dust off that suitcase and enjoy the ride!

Here are some great places the whole family can enjoy that will shake off the winter blues and get your spirits ready for summer.

1. Sandpiper Bay, USA

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Florida is beautiful and sunny all year round, and Sandpiper Bay is the ultimate place for a last minute family vacation. The Club Med resort offers exclusive access to Club Med Baby, which provides safety, fun, and comfort for babies, ages four months to two years old. This allows tired parents to relax and enjoy quality adult time while their baby takes a vacation too!

Sandpiper Bay features stylish rooms and spacious family rooms, as well as activities the whole family can enjoy. What better way to shake off the Montreal winter than by soaking in the Florida sunshine?

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2. Mexico

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If you really want to soak in some rays and give your kids a cultural experience at the same time, Mexico has a variety of resorts and hotels that are perfect for you. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in its native Mexico and your vacation will be soaked in culture as well as sunshine.

Club Med has a variety of resorts in Mexico, including Ixtapa, but any way you choose to see the country is fine. Whether you stay in a resort or small hotel, exploring Mexico is a great way to escape the winter blues!

3. Anaheim, California, USA

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For the ultimate family vacation, take the kids to Anaheim, California for a day or two at Disneyland! Ride the rides, enjoy the sights, and soak up some sun! When you're done at Disneyland, drop by Sea World for some underwater adventures. California is packed with events and activities for the whole family, and is bound to be a last minute vacation you won't forget!

4. The Caribbean

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Whether you head to Barbados, the Bahamas, or Puerto Rico, the Caribbean has a lot to offer for a family vacation. If you want to spend your days lounging on pristine sandy beaches and working on your tan, the Caribbean is the place for you. Watch the kids build sand castles, swim in the warm bay waters, and explore the sea life that washes up on shore. After a few days in the Caribbean, you'll have the best tan in all of Canada!

5. The South of France

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There are always flights available heading to the South of France, which is a vacation in itself! The sun in the south of France is known to be unusually strong, and many artists have found inspiration here, among them Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne. Soak in the colours, visit the countryside, and sample the local cuisine. If the kids get bored of your cultural escapades, the beaches of the French Riviera are family friendly and the water is warm and perfect for swimming.

Shaking off the winter blues is a must this time of year, when the weather is still rainy and cold but your head is filled with hopes of sunshine. The weather is warming up little by little, but if you're eager for some sun, these are five last minute vacations that are sure to get you ready for summer! Head to any of these sun filled destinations and really enjoy the warm weather and some relaxing vacation time for the whole family. Raising kids is stressful! Don't you deserve a vacation, just in time for Mother's Day?

Author Bio:
Jessica Esqueda is a freelance writer and a mother of two small children. Her daughter, age two, enjoys their park days, and she speculates that her son, age one, is going to grow up to be a natural traveler. Jessica loves exotic vacations with a cultural flair and can't help reading up on all things cultural. When the travel bug bites, Jessica has the answer!

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