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Montreal's DIY Scene


The video for Montreal band TOPS's song "Way To Be Loved," shot on location in Montreal at Arbutus Records HQ.

The Canadian music scene has been growing gradually in the shadow of our much larger cultural counterpart to the south, and attracting much more attention on a global scale. From the sunny and light acoustic melodies of the west coast, to the dark and stormy metal haven of the east, Canada has provided a nourishing community for any genre, no matter how eccentric. Here in Montreal, much like our beloved fleur-de-lis, the music scene continues to blossom year after year into wonderful new directions. But one thing gives Montreal an edge over the rest: our Do-It-Yourself attitude.

DRC.jpgA Prototype of the DRC. Photo:

In 2014, vinyl sales went up 52 per cent from 2013 (Nielsen SoundScan). The resurgence of this seemingly out-dated technology signals an unexpected development in the digital era. In an era when music is more accessible than ever--with music players built into every phone--it may seem odd that people are returning to the most expensive and least convenient way to appreciate music. In many ways, the record revival is a response to the various downfalls of digital music players: sound quality, the listener's attention, and pride of ownership. Although the market for records is evident, the craft of cutting vinyl remains a specialist trade with incredibly high production costs. The Desktop Record Cutter intends to innovate this craft.