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Album art for 'Strangers to Ourselves'.

Typically when a band starts a series of self-congratulating releases, like B-side albums (No One's First and You're Next), large re-pressings of old albums (Moon & Antarctica, 2004), live albums (Baron Von Bullshit), it signals some kind of creative stagnation. The band's first release in 8 years, "Strangers to Ourselves," is nothing close to stagnated. The album was released this week (March 17, 2022), and the band has already promised a follow up as soon as possible.

All Hail the Mighty Loc-Nar!


Hotter water

The cover for Loc-Nar's album "HOTTER WATER" (Source: loc-nar.bandcamp.com)

The Montreal-based band Loc-Nar never ceases to amaze with their new releases, and following suite, their release of the six-track album "HOTTER WATER" this past weekend with a duo of shows at Brasserie Beaubien and Poission Noir did not disappoint. While I was unfortunately unable to attend, being bed-ridden with a nasty cold, my roommate so graciously procured a fresh tape for me, and am I ever glad that he did; HOTTER WATER is the perfect fever dream for when you're fading in and out of sleep induced by a healthy cocktail of generic brand cold medicine and Vitamin-C rich fruit juice.