A Vignette of Brahma Blue



Musician, recording engineer, poet, activist, Brahma Blue's beard hangs over his collar. His hair is cut in a way that no trained barber is capable of. He's a skinny man; it's an amalgamation of body-type, and a lack of income. Many musicians have a home-recording studio. For Blue, it isn't clear if he has a home. In exchange for mixing and engineering upcoming artists, he has a bedroom above the Vancouver Island garage that makes I.G. Studio.

At crawling age, Blue first picked up the guitar. He spent most of his upbringing in the suburbs of Toronto where he began to perform with a variety of bands. At sixteen, he completely shattered his left forearm--a nightmare for any guitar player. On a dare, Blue rode his bike down a steep hill and off a jump. He accidentally landed, head first into a wall. Of course, he recovered but perhaps it's the stiffness from this injury that causes his distinct sloppy guitar style. By the age of twenty-one, Blue had performed on an improv team and under a rap persona; he had started then dropped out of university; he had self-published books of poetry, and recorded countless songs.

Blue has never been deterred by fear. I once watched him ask a Karaoke DJ for his longest cable. He proceeded to dance around each person, while bursting a heartfelt but comedic performance of CCR's, "Fortunate Son." Three years ago, Blue left the East Coast for his first time in ten years. He sold what he couldn't carry and filled an army surplus bag with his most-valued possessions, including a 4-track cassette recorder. He found a ride to B.C. and worked as a cherry picker, before travelling to Vancouver Island. It is here, as fate would have it, where he would find lodging at an artist development centre owned by west coast hip-hop luminary Teus.

It's an impressive place to call home for a full-time musician. His two-door Honda Accord sits out front. He hopes to get it insured and running by Christmas. His Spartan-style bedroom contrasts the fully-renovated and equipped studio underneath: A single mattress in the corner, a desk, a pile of library books. On his desk, there's an open, unlined notebook, almost the size of an atlas. Inside, his cryptically small handwriting sprawls across the pages in every direction, lines of 4 and 8. Most people would go mad in this kind of condition, and most people think Brahma Blue is some kind of mad.

His music has many diverse yet audible influences, like Caribbean music, Punk, and Folk. Like his icon, Neil Young, Blue's songs each convey a powerful message. He writes extensively on geo-political and social issues from a uniquely personal perspective. As well as playing guitar and singing, Blue uses many electronic instruments in his music--like drums and synth. When asked to describe his writing, Blue states that he writes with a, "unique collective awareness about the largest set of things, ethereally sieving words from firmament, piercing through modes & models & tethered classifications." Blue's sound is not something easily palatable by the masses. In a world of pop standards, Blue mashes the spirit of the old into the modern world.

Last month, for his twenty-third birthday, Blue wrote and recorded a twenty-three song album--all in just one day. He recorded the album on his modest nylon-stringed acoustic and 4-track cassette recorder. The album shows Blue at his most vulnerable. With no overdubbing, the album is essentially an improv acoustic performance, and heavily juxtaposes his previous work. His previous albums, 'Ophiucus' and 'Oranges', were recently re-released by Undie Music. Currently he is organizing a tour in Brazil for the summer of 2015, along with the other artists of I.G. Studios.

For more about Brahma Blue, visit his page on Undie Music Records (http://www.undiemusic.com/artists.php?bi=12)
To check out more about IG Studios follow, http://www.independentgeneration.ca/


Very informational, you create a good well rounded description of his past. I would like to hear more about his music though.

Really great writing!

Love the bit about his Honda Accord and unlined notebook...these details really make everything come alive.

Well done! Well written and the photo exudes a powerful energy! I love the angle it was taken from :)

Well done by including a link for more information.

You have painted a very interesting picture of this person. I loved all of the details, it really fleshes him out as a real person. The picture's angle is superb.

Well done! Blue sounds like a really interesting character. Love the picture as well.

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