Interview with local film director: Mariane Laporte


Interview by Jordano Aguzzi


Q: How did you get involved in the film/video industry in Montreal and
what is your current job?

A: I got involved in the cinema industry in Montreal two years ago

through my friend (now boyfriend) Cody Larocque. He had been working

as a gaffer/swing/grip for a year and he referred me to a producer.

I started mostly as a camera intern and a data wrangler. My current

job is freelance second camera assistant and first camera assistant.

Also, I am currently employed at La Cinématèque Québécoise in Film and

Video preservation/cataloguing. Last summer, I archived 16mm NFB films

after analyzing their condition on the Steenbeck.

I am also hoping to direct more music videos and short films in the

future. I recently shot a music video for Diamond Bones Band (Home is

Where). It is featuring a contemporary dancer from New York and a

model from Montreal. We got a good reception and recognition from a

few blogs, which is great and encouraging.

I also just finished directing a 16mm short film named «Beau comme

dans les films» about a 12 year old girl's fantasies. The movie is set

in the 90s and takes place during her birthday party and at school.


Q: Did you have to work your way up in the ranks in order to do what you do?

A: Yes and no. I was lucky enough to not have to work as a production

assistant on more than one or two shoots. I hate that position because

the camera department is my main interest and you don't get to hang out

with these guys when you're a newbie.


Q: What is your main ambition in the industry, and what goals do you

hope to eventually achieve?

A: My main ambitions are to get my AQTIS and IATSE [Union credit] camera assistant

trainings. Also, I am considering doing a master in film restoration

at the Selznick School of Film Preservation. I would also like to keep

on directing films and videos on the side and maybe push forward «Les

Productions Lost & Found» with my friends and collaborate on wonderful



Q: What are a few recent projects you worked on?

A: I have recently worked on an NFB interactive documentary named

«Insomnie» and a Jimmy Lee web serie screened on LibTv called «Sale

Gueule» as a 1st camera assistant.


Q: Who are your main artistic influences for your work?

A: My artistic influences for directing are people like Sofia Coppola,

Todd Solondz, Gus Van Sant and most of the Japanese and Chinese

contemporary filmmakers (Wong Kar Wai, Hou Hsiao Hsien, Zhang Yang,

etc.) For camera assisting, there are some big names who wrote books like

Doug Hart and blogs like Evan Luzi (theblackandblue).



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