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Lore Keepers- An Interview About Fans and Creativity



Fiction is an important part of society. Stories have captivated people's imagination for ages, with high emotions that mirror our lives and make them seem larger at the same time. They have been told at gatherings around fires at night, and stone stages where all actors wore masks, and projected into 47-feet-tall screens.

Nowadays movies, tv shows, books, and games are created in the hopes that their story will be the next big thing, so that people talk about them and eagerly await the next instalment. But there's a subset of fans who are unsatisfied with simply watching, reading, or playing, and take these stories into their own hands to expand them. Writing new scenarios with or drawing the characters, expanding on what's already there, fandoms have been growing for decades. With the new way the internet has allowed us to communicate, fan creativity has been gaining more notoriety.