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In the Heart of Little Italy, You'll Find Marche Tania


Wind and chill begin to settle in on this overcast Friday afternoon in Montreal. I'm walking to Marche Tania and I'm as prepared as I can be. I've got my tape recorder in my pocket and my notepad and lucky pen in hand. I don't know much about the guy I'm meeting, but I know his store and I've heard some of the nicest things. Walking through the small streets from where I was on Clark, the city is peaceful in Little Italy. It may be grey out but the market is business as usual with cyclists and walkers roaming from one stall to the next. Though vendors have set up indoors, the colors are vibrant and the smells are fresh. 


Fresh chestnuts from Italy

A Jean Talon Market Podcast


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As a native Montrealer, I have spent most of my life exploring the city and writing about it. With all the "old" that comes with Montreal, there is tradition behind it all. Local food markets have been neighborhood staples for decades. Whether you're looking for farm fresh vegetables or seasonal fruit, you can be sure your vendor is a figurehead for the neighborhood they sell to. The Jean Talon Market has been providing locals with product and produce that is worthy of our bistro's, cafe's, and family dinner tables. 

I grew up at the Jean Talon Market - slow afternoons, walking up and down the isles of colors deep and bright. There's a history I have with the market that has kept me invovled. I took the time to write, narrate, and interview local marketgoers in this digital advertisement for the market last summer.