About.com - Guide To Local Eating

A food guide to the freshest produce markets and healthy eating in Montreal, About.com provides easy to read information about Montreal's local markets. The list includes larger scale city markets, as well as produce stands for commuters designated outside various metro stations. In addition, the site provides extensive information on organic food basket deliveries, food cooperatives and kitchen collectives who all work to bring Montrealers the best and freshest in local produce. The site goes one step further to also include a guide to seasonal fruits and vegetables, all designed to make local eating easy, accessible and as informed as possible


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  •  Unsure what keywords like locavore and slow food mean? Click on the word and About.com defines them for you.
  •  Find out more about local food from the Related Articles at the bottom of the page. 
  •  Get detailed addresses, maps and opening/closing hours to a market closest to you when you click on Marche Publics.

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