Top 5 Sites to Discover Why Eating Local is Beneficial to Your Health

As you explore Montreal's many markets, check out these sites to help you learn more about the health benefits of buying locally grown food.

Use this site to explore some of the basic reasons to go local. This resource makes learning a broad topic manageable with easy to read articles. Be sure to click on Related Content to delve further into the topics of eating seasonally, a guide on how to approach your first trip to a market, and a bounty of diet and nutrition facts.

Skeptical or curious about how to eat local all year round? Gaiam Life has broken it down into 5 easy reasons to begin eating local. The site offers easy advice and fact to help you eat the freshest, in season produce. Gaiam Life also offers a variety of help throughout the site to help you live healthier and fitter. Be sure to browse the many articles dedicated to healthy eating.

Local Harvest is dedicated and supportive of local farming to bring consumers the healthiest food possible. With a strong community backing them, this resource is unique as it keeps you, the consumer, aware and involved. Browse the site to read local blogs and actual testimonies and to learn more about supporting local agriculture.     

Use this site to broaden your horizon! See how other parts of Canada are taking part in local eating and supporting the movement. Get Local's approach is simple to follow and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a local foodie. The site has a bevy of informative links to take your learning to the next step as you scour the web. Be sure to explore their resources as you become more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of going local.

Once you've gained a grip on what it means to go local, you need to understand both sides of the topic. Sustainable Table weighs both sides of an outstanding issue - Local vs. Global. This resource is concentrated with information to bring you a greater understanding of the environmental and economical benefits of buying local. Get informed as you navigate through articles that offer you a variety of angles and takes on some of the larger scale issues that surround eating locally.

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