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Chuck Hughes Serves Up a Sentimental Homage


image22.jpegFrom the first page of Chuck's Day Off, you're invited into pictures, recipes, and stories about the people in Montreal chef Chuck Hughes' life. A shot of the chef embracing his half Rottweiler, half German shepherd, Filou, sets the tone for Chuck's narrative as he spends 283 pages showing appreciation. It's a beautiful concept that involves the reader. From the landlords at Garde Manger, to the kitchen staff who give their all, to the women who have influenced his career, Chuck's Day Off offers a closer look into this cast of characters and the incredible recipes that honor them. 

Portrait-of-chef-Chuck-Hughes-in-Le-Bremner-photo-credit.-Dominique-Lafond_9739-470-wplok.jpgChuck Hughes at Le Bremner 

It has been 8 years since Montreal chef Chuck Hughes opened Garde Manger. In that time, it has become a home to classic, fresh seafood staples, and one of the most talked about restaurants in the city. Garde Manger has earned its buzz. Most of us expect to see lobster risotto and fresh oysters on the menu at all times. More than anything, we all want that winning lobster poutine that earned Chuck the big-win on Iron Chef America against Bobby Flay. Since then, he has opened his second restaurant, Le Bremner, in Old Montreal. From hosting his own travel cooking show, Chuck's Week Off: Mexico, to his newly appointed judging duties on Chopped Canada, Chuck Hughes is evolving from local chef to a traveling representation for Montreal's current food culture.

After 8 years of riding the wild adventure that has been the success of his restaurants, cooking shows, and cookbooks, Chuck is ready to move forward as a mentor. In a conversation about his travels, Chuck took the time to talk to me about becoming a new dad and how he's ready to spend a year living in Mexico.