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The true north strong and free? What do these words even mean now that the Canadian senate, our representatives, and our public have allowed Bill C-10 to pass? It is called "the Safe Streets and Communities Act," which sounds disproportionately urgent when considering that crime has steadily decreased since the early 1970s. Mandatory sentences will strip judges of their rights to practice that which is inherent to the nomenclature of their positions - their better judgement. It will also create the need for gigantic prison complexes to educate our wayward youth in the ways of deeper criminality. Vital funds have already started being siphoned away from our educational systems, our healthcare facilities, and our environmental and sustainability projects. Rather than investing in preventive social programs, and in education itself, the conservative government prefers the wrath of old testament consequences to tangible social reform.

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For anyone who has not learned about what happened and is still happening with this world wide scandal, these videos are very fun and informative.


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