Riding the Kony Pony...an oddly balanced perspective.


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For anyone who has not learned about what happened and is still happening with this world wide scandal, these videos are very fun and informative.

I did about twelve hours of research on this subject, but it only took about twelve seconds before my scam detectors nearly deafened me with high-pitched warning signals. Since I am not exactly the sharpest pencil and all that, how is it possible that after all we have seen in the past twenty years that people on such a massive scale can still be fooled by such obvious propaganda? Using that little boy to tug at the heartstrings of millions was deplorable, and I hope he isn't scarred for life once he gets old enough to realise what they made him do.

This is the funniest way to learn about what the hell happened and is still going on:

And this is for anyone who doesn't like rap:

If you have comments or other videos about this subject, please paste their urls into the comment section, and I will add it to this post.

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