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June 2012 Archives

By Vanessa Bastien
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Rows of spines, squeezed together; both thick and skinny; flaunt their glossy titles: That Perfect Someone, A Little Night Magic, Catch of a Lifetime, When Dreams Come True ... I may be a Romance novel virgin but I certainly know these sound too sentimental for my taste. I continue to lurk the Romance section of Chapters, located on the third floor at the far back corner of the store.

In Your Wildest Dream - alright, go on...  

Enslave - Oh, almost there...

Please, Sir - Don't stop...

In Deep - Yes! This erotic novel by Chloe Harris sounds like a delectable little read - and here's hoping "little" doesn't become one of the book's recurring words. I open the book at random: "... tickling her tight rosebud..." - twenty-eight pages in and we're already in.

My Canadian Wild Goose Chase for Identity

By Amber-isms

Society is continuously being shaped, in every possible way, by an accelerating flow of information, exchange of ideas and intermingling of cultures, all of which can be quite overwhelming for the average Joe simply trying to fit into the modern mix. Finding his way amongst the complex intricacies that characterize the 21st Century is no easy task.

As for me, my nationality, in and of itself, is a can of worms I'd rather save for a rainier day. The label alone reads that I contain half a cup of Chinese, a quarter cup of Lebanese and two remaining equal parts of Scottish and French. All mustered-up with nowhere to go, I never quite knew what to make of my cultural concoction. So I decided to get a second opinion and accidentally opened up a different can of worms...


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